Can Joel Embiid be the best player on a championship team? Stephen A. says no | First Take

By | February 14, 2020

Can Joel Embiid be the best player on a championship team? Stephen A. says no | First Take
Can Joel Embiid be the best player on a championship team? Stephen A. says no | First Take
Joel embiid be the best player on a championship team, maybe, but I don’t think he’s the best player on this team anymore, to tell you the truth, and I think, and it’s not that Simmons and embiid can’t coexist. They coexist very well at people are misunderstanding. What I’m saying about this? They are better All Star, almost superstars, on the same team. That was only one. I get that my arguments always been that in order for Simmons to fully become what he might become, he needs his own team built around him.

The way the Greek Freak as a team built around him Simmons in the freak one of them is Simmons, has better handles and he’s an even better Black. By ask you a question, because this is where I think you confused come down to normal to the levels. The rest of us, so if you believe that they work well together right, I understand your point about Ben Simmons needing to be separate from adult Joe labbe to be the best he can be, but I thought it was about winning and if they work altogether, why Should that matter even better the way the boxer doing now, if they build a team around Sims, could you unlock this potential? Give you an example K.

Not the Bulls were at whatever be better without Michael Jordan right, but it was unclear to some just how great Scotty open was when he was in his prime because he’s playing with Michael Jordan. But what happened when Jordan retired? Look, you guys Rob the next officials Rob the Knicks on that Charles Smith, play them with you when you were the best player on the team should have gone to the finals, and I thought you were one of the two best players in the NBA, along with A large you want – and that was obvious, but it was less obvious when you were playing with Jordans cuz.

You didn’t have your own team now, in that case, that’s different cuz. You guys work well together in case I don’t even know the empty. Is the best player on the team anymore, fitz-simmons hustling on defense, fitz-simmons, making the off that’s what he’s got his wow? I do think that Ben Simmons as part of the best player, because he does so much and he makes all the players better. He allowed other players to flourish because of what he can do. As a basketball player. I like, like LeBron, very dominant on offensive in a lot of downhill, he’s one of those guys that when the door is open, he will 1st and when embiid is in there.

He does kind of hold Ben Simmons back a little bit because he doesn’t have that space, But I do think those two players take this together and they can win together and obviously would have 25 and to record at home they’re they’re, proving that they can exist. Help you about that both of y’all are wrong. Y’All ain’t answering the question because Mac switched it up. This is not a question of who’s, the best player or the Sixers. This is not a question as to whether or not Ben Simmons could be the best play.

This was a specific question about Joel embiid and not on the Sixers, and he be the best player on a championship team. I would make the argument: no, because of that ever will. Living in the game has changed so because the game has changed. It’S gotten a bit soft, it’s more perimeter! Orion! It’S not about the big, don’t get me wrong! You need shot-blocking, you need an interior present. You need those things, I’m not trying to say that you don’t. But the point is: when you have the ball in your hand, particularly if you can shoot the damn ball from Beyond 15 ft order consistent basis, if you are that God in most instances, if that’s going to be the tricky today’s games, The Greek Freak has us Thinking somewhat differently, but we must understand why his motor his agility, his tenacity on boat into the floor, has everybody backing up from him.

Going downhill, that’s not in beat it never was it be in terms of Modera. The arrow point is right that that counts against them in the wrong error. But let me ask you something: if you designed the team around embiid with like a Damian Lillard or you know, players space it the right way. He’D still maybe be the best player on the team, maybe not Liller, but Kemba Walker, someone. He still may be the best player on the team and they could maybe win a championship. But that’s not this team. I think the best player on this team – and I think they need him to be the best to win the chip agree with you Max in this area.

All the game is Biltmore for the perimeter. Players is not designed for Biggs now embiid is not Shaquille. O’Neal Shaq was a dominant player and it’s a difference. It’S a difference between being the best player is the best player. Embiid has not shown that he’s a dominant player. That’S why I said degree and beat the best player on that team and given the roster they probably win, the champion between is Bradley Beal, better than be probably not know, and I go find you one like that. Guy who can space the floor move the ball.

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Stephen A. Smith, Scottie Pippen and Max Kellerman debate whether Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid can be the best player on a championship team.
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