Buttigieg says he’s ‘not going to be lectured on family values’ by Rush Limbaugh

By | February 17, 2020

Buttigieg says he’s ‘not going to be lectured on family values’ by Rush Limbaugh
Buttigieg says he’s ‘not going to be lectured on family values’ by Rush Limbaugh
The Democratic race for the White House is gearing up with the boats in Iowa and New Hampshire, starting to win all the field of candidates Las Vegas, former mayor Pete, buttigieg Bayer. Let’S start with a number is from the two states which are going to be holding contest over the next two weeks. Put them up on the screen in Nevada you’re in fifth place, with 10 %. Support in South Carolina are also in fifth place, with 7.5 % support your trailing Tom steyer in both States. How important is it for you to do well much better than those numbers in both of those dates to show you can get support in states with a big minority voting Bloc? What’S very important for us to do well and we’re on the ground working to earn those good results here in Nevada and will be campaigning hard for every vote in Carolina is well.

We seen a fluid. It is, of course I don’t have billions of dollars. In my own money to pour into the airwaves, but what we do have is a vision that, as we’ve demonstrated in New Hampshire and Iowa, can bring people together in a commitment. As we come more racially diverse states to speak to the concerns of Voters. Who were here here in Nevada, for example, you’ve got over a hundred organizers on the ground volunteers as we speak, getting ready to go out and talk to fellow nevadans in a state that looks to the Future an estate where I’m encountering a lot of workers concerned About how these political decisions are going to affect them, whether its workers who are concerned about health care and how to preserve the healthcare choice that is so important to them.

People concerned about immigration reform and going to know that work seriously going to get something done and a lot of people looking to the Future worried about climate. This is a state that is in many ways reflective the future of America and really excited to be on the ground here, working to earn that support in the week. That remains, if you don’t show I’ll, leave it to the pundits to do the political analysis. What I will say is, of course it is extremely important to earn support from voters across-the-board and when you look at the way that Latino voters here in Nevada know that they are Under Siege in this Administration.

Talking to Black voters who are sick and tired of the economic disempowerment alongside the Injustice has of systemic racism. In looking for a president who can actually bring change to Washington and more than anything who can defeat Donald Trump, we are ready to go out and have that conversation. You know this more than anything else. I think for so many voters, and certainly a lot of Voters that color, that I talk to you across Latino that the black and the API communities making sure that we get this right.

. You know that the Senate demonstrated that it’s not going to hold this President accountable. It is up to us in 2020. It is our only shot, and is we see this President as he demonstrated interfering and criminal prosecution growing, more and more involved in so much is on the line. We dare not get this wrong and that means nominating a candidate who can challenge this. President on his own terms and put together a big enough winning Coalition that we can have some coattails to and make games in the I want to talk about how this race is beginning to shape up, because after two states, it is beginning to shape up in New Hampshire, this so-called moderate candidates, one more than 50 % of the vote of Voters in that state, but which was double what Bernie stop, but he won in New Hampshire because he had that left lane.

The more liberal line of all doing the South, while their so-called more moderate Lane, was kind of clogged up by you and and Biden and Klobuchar, all of them split up the vote. How concerned are you that moderate Lane, if you will, is getting so crowded that you could be leaving the the road to the nomination open to Bernie Sanders? I think that’s. What voters right now are in the process of settling. I look there a lot of different candidacies with a lot of different Visions, but the vision of my candidacy is that we’re going to have to bring change to Washington that we can’t confront the most disruptive president in Modern Times by Falling back on the same Playbook.

Just as we also can’t do it by telling people that they’re only options are between a revolution or the status quo, we’ve been able to demonstrate our ability to get die-hard. Democrats, yes, but also Independence, crossover and support my vision and what are campaign stands for and I believe that’s going to service well here in Nevada, South Carolina and Beyond another Centrist candidate and Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and over really don’t. Last week week and a half there been a series of stories about his comments on stop-and-frisk and red line with kellyanne Conway, a big Dory and the Washington Post today about a long history of him.

Making sexist profane comments to women who work for his company and some of them said that it created a hostile workplace. How troubled are you buy these allegations on this evidence of alleged sexism and racism? I think he’s going to have to answer for that and speak to it look good. This is a time where voters are looking for a president who can lead us out of the days when it was just commonplace or accepted to have these kinds of sexist and discriminatory attitudes, and you know right now. This is our chance to do something different.

Obviously, there is no comparison to this president and the way that he is treated and talked about a women and people of color and continues to do so to this day. But we in our party hold ourselves to the highest standard and it is going to be critical for us to have a nominee who can authentically lie and who can show growth on these challenges. Look up. Some of these are issues that our country’s about to face are among the most intractable we’ve ever had, but you got to arrive at those at those challenges with Wiz the ability to explain your record and with an ability to explain how you’re going to raise the Bar at a time when we are finally asking a lot more from our elected leaders, talks about all of these principles of the me-too era.

Are they going to nominate somebody like Michael Bloomberg, with his record things he’s done, for instance, towards women in the workplace? Think he can beat Donald Trump. What would that say about what the Democratic party really stands for representative of this White House to speak about misogyny to speak about sexism speak about racism is comical and you’re right. I think it amounts to trolling. I look. The American people are not going to be fooled by anybody from the Trump White House when it comes to these issues.

So I’ll leave it to my competitors in this race to speak for themselves. But one thing we can all Freon is it. We can do a lot better than this President, and you know one of the reasons why I’m seeing a lot of folks from the Republican party or formerly from the Republican Party ready to cross over is that they can no longer look their children in the eye. Then explain the behavior of the current president of the United States. You have been very open about the fact that you’re gay and it hasn’t been much of an issue in this campaign.

Until now this week, to conserve it, Porter is a President Trump Rush, Limbaugh and Sebastian Gorka talked about it on there shows take a look at 37 years. Old loves, kissing his husband on debate. Can you see Trump have fun with that boys, a homosexual man lecturing us about the sanctity of life in the womb? Well, I am in a faithful, loving, committed marriage. I’M I’m proud of my marriage and I’m proud of my husband and I’m not going to be lectured on family values from the likes of Rush Limbaugh or anybody who supports Donald J Trump as a moral as well as political leader of the United States.

America has moved on and we should have politics of belonging. That welcomes everybody, that’s what the American people are for, and I am saddened for what the Republican party has become if they Embrace that kind of homophobic rhetoric. Do you think this would be in a general election? Clearly, they think it would be an issue, the idea that you would need – and you have reached out to social concern about you need, but who might have concerns about your sexual orientation. Here’S my generational or general election experience on this.

You know I came out during a general action in South Bend and this was at a time when Mike Pence was the governor of Indiana. We didn’t know what would happen I’ll. Tell you what happened. I got reelected with 80 % of the vote in my generally Democratic, but socially conservative Community, more than I had the first time that I ran for office. This election isn’t about any of us candidates, it is about, voters lies and we’re the ones trying to get. Voters are raised, we’re the ones trying to make sure that there is paid family leave but working to end endless war series about climate change actually prepared to do something on gun violence and when it comes to lgbtq issues.

This is, I think, the most important thing is not the the treatment of candidates.
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg joins Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday.’ #FoxNews

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