Busting phone scammers: Police raids shine light on overseas call centres (Marketplace)

By | February 16, 2020

Busting phone scammers: Police raids shine light on overseas call centres (Marketplace)
Busting phone scammers: Police raids shine light on overseas call centres (Marketplace)
This is your Market Place in our backyard CBC. Did there expose or episode on Marketplace? First, we were trained like that, pretend to be like in RI, IRS officer and the scams won’t stop ads on your Marketplace. Just outside Toronto. Federal agents are gearing up, arrest, send International scam targeting Canadians, legit scammers. Now they tell us that ready to move in in some ways. This begin two years ago with an investigation of our own on the other side of the world. It’S a scam, Canadiens know all too well schemes in Canadian history.

We met up with a whistleblower who previously worked inside. One is duvet that was big money more than you would make anywhere else. Personating, an American Tax agents against the IRS, then the penalty $ 75,000, which is going to get please we track calls like that to a scam Center inside this building. So when are local helpers knock on the door so that the call center has moved out? They’Ve they’ve some they realized. Someone was on. The danger is still there dangerous that we need to get out that we’re being watched, another people who went into the building for their being followed.

It all shows how dangerous these scammers can be. Why do you think they were following him? Get money from victims? Could it be there’s an accomplice at the top in Canada? Jahangir rashidi has those same questions that start with one call phone call. They call, and they say this is revenue. Canada and government of Canada. Lawsuit you for $ 99,500. . What do you think when you heard it go to your friend, go to employee? Doesn’T matter you pay he’s from a ramp where the government actually does make demands like this.

He worried the call was legit and paid big 110,000. All together for my last paycheck checking account $ 5,000 from my son and the rest credit card long, a line of credit gone back in India. So how long have you been Police? Commissioner? Here talk talk by Ranbir Singh says the scam. Kingpins are leading a rich light, one of them he had a very high-profile lifestyle. He was probably thinking of buying a private jet on Sunday, and commissioner Singh has another shocker about police in Canada, oscillating tower cases ones, but at least have complained in Canada and nobody from Canada that doesn’t seem right across Canada.

Theory is Eldridge turn on the CBC to honor and protect Canadian Star Security Services and intelligent agents to do what needs to be done to protect Canadians at home and overseas. They have been talkin push the issue on the front burner empowering more people to come forward. This is really scary check. You feel sick a month after our story taught brass order. A special task force be set up at this secure facility outside Toronto. We get inside the headquarters for what the RCMP call Project Octavia.

It’S essentially a national priority investigation inspector has a surprise. Certainly what I know – and what I can share is that there are are known targets at Leeds. When we get enough evidence, then we will charge and prosecute these individuals, and just so I’m clear are we talking about people who are in this country in Canada? That’S correct, who are helping carry at this game? That’S correct the Canadian public and sending it sending away their right there. Money laundering artrell took us back to India a year first investigation into the CRA scan and we closed in on the call centers carrying out another one.

This time we had something up Our Sleeve hiring someone to sneak in a hidden camera who were the first to get inside for a computer fix. You likely don’t need on a diet. What made you think this was legitimate, really concerned and led me to believe that he could fix the problem with a convincing scammer Dad when you look back on it now, how do you feel about it? I was vulnerable at the time and I was impulsive and I feel very violated that they had access to everything on her computer are laws to protect us against things after months of our own investigation, we’re ready to confront those targeting Canadians think it’s right here.

Back in India we’ve seen, the scammers can be so we’re moving quickly operation, but we know why do you have a call center here? Why do you do this illegally? We want to talk to top bosses. There are real victims, real victims. These are real people who cannot afford to lose this money, taking it from them. It seems no one here wants to talk to us at least while we’re here there off the phone. Anyone want to say anyting nobody, okay back in Canada, we share our findings with the rcmp’s highest-ranking financial crimes, official superintendent, Peter pain that we were able to get inside a call center like this yeah getting there, but once again, please alone cannot to solve this issue.

There’S lots of call centers over there were over there if you think they’re Unstoppable. This is your Market Place on the roads outside Toronto? A man has no idea police are on his tail. They are accomplices in an enormous sciborski and weirdo to witness it all. Go down we’re just outside the RCMP secure facility after months of Investigation into some of the largest cyber scenes in Canadian history, I’m ready to take action and these are schemes like the CRA scam. The text supports. Can the bank investigator scan the spin card stamp? All of it, coming to a head October of 2018 inspector Gym Ogden overseas project Octavia, The Specialist unit investigating overseas call center scams.

My messages that I will find you and will further investigate and we’ll will charge where we can. We Trace many of these scams back to India. Money was stolen from you, Hackers from Russia from India, Brazil, her money gone. I said, where’s my money, luzianne on multiple scams. The scammers are adapting adding a new scheme involving Canadian social insurance numbers, suspicious activities and law enforcement. That’S bringing us back to Microsoft. Checking out how artificial intelligence is helping trace the scammers.

This is a very profitable crime with a very low risk of prosecution. We need to invert that equation lawyer, one Hardaway overseas mobile unit here feeding tips and evidence the India over the last 10 months. Indian enforcement has this man felt very call centers and has brought to Justice 72 directors of Courts. Microsoft tells us, while there have been arrests in India, there hasn’t been one conviction of a scan boss since 2014 continuing their war with the scammers. He says Microsoft gets a complaint of someone impersonating their agents every 7 minutes, but the guys are now selling calls for coaching to exploit Thomas like a scam franchise.

He has evolved into that because there’s so much money do we make the prophets are so big relative. Today, investment, our own investigation as lettuce. We believe that there are people in Canada helping with this Camp, helping move money and do other things. Is that something that you understand as well: Vancouver CBC the first to discover court documents which accused the man who lives here of retrieving the money for a fraud connected to these scams? He even allegedly moved approximately a million dollars through his account.

Secutor say that is laundering the proceeds of unlawful activity that are trying to seize the house. His father owns it and denies any wrongdoing, while his son has now reportedly fled did China. We need to Target their wallets so that if the money stops flowing, they’re not going to be able to keep the operation running and they will go out of business ant with also other Banks, Financial Services Industries to identify those bank accounts or merchant account so that They can be suspended on money, be returned to victims.

Canadian police are hot on the case 2. This is your Marketplace. It’S a federal raid RCMP officers about to move in they’re on the tail of a man. They say he’s a big player in scam, calls that played Canadiens not hit philipo she’s a victim of one of those scams. She’S waited a long time to see action. Who should be trying to stop these guys? All of us to get these calls incessantly or a boat to see the RCMP seconds after the target arrives at work officers move-in we’re not allowed to get any closer to this Factory in Georgetown Northwest of Toronto, as the man of the reflective jacket is taken into Custody, everything in his pockets placed in bag by police seem to have no idea that he was being surveilled.

Police officers were following him and they agreed not to identify the, since many of them are under cover. The man is being charged with fraud, money laundering and property obtained by crime. We watch as he’s taken away. I morning, he’ll, probably never forget, as the man arrives at the RCMP headquarters in Milton Ontario to be fingerprinted and processed officers are on. The phone is wife telling her she’s wanted to her husband already in custody, she’s told to turn herself in and were there when she arrives essentially money mules or money meal managers that were receiving bags of cash RCMP inspector Jim Ogden, essentially dispersing it and making it Accessible to those that are running the illegal call centers in India.

What helped get you to this point today, the CBC Marketplace episode you did in India, certainly raised at flag for the public safety Minister and Senior representatives in the RCMP at a later news conference. Dhaliwal 37 years of age, from Ontario and inderpreet, dhaliwal 36 years of age, also from Brampton, are charged with the following criminal offenses, one count of fraud over $ 5,000, one count of laundering the proceeds of crime and one count of property obtained by crime. The mounties reveal thousands of dollars in cash more than a hundred thousand in jewelry, even a money, counting machine allegedly used by the couple the couple up yet to appear in court just a minute in response to the charges.

Some lost time when you see a guy like that in handcuffs, definitely very happy about that, and I appreciate what the police has done to to do this. This is a big victory, even if I’m not getting my money for other people to be saved. This is very important kudos to the woman whom you interviewed and was willing to come forward and tell everything. Tell all victims need to see that that they’re, not alone takedown, Mark Simpson, the former head of a major Fraud Unit. I wanted to have faith and I’m glad they proved me right.

That’S kudos to them. Cuz that must have been really difficult, must have been really difficult and kudos to Marketplace, and you guys cuz you’re, the ones that instigated all of this. In my, what is the likelihood is that these scam calls disappear, not very not very they’re, going to continue the frequency may drop may change. Why is that? Because there’s still a victim pure that are vulnerable fraud. Is you know it’s stuffed with a smile. Be your rest, aren’t over the RCMP, say they’re targeting more people in Canada and abroad.

This is going to be a deterrent for sure we’re going to get our co-conspirators that are here in this province. Thinking twice about who I thought we were Untouchable and they’re, not it says in Big Red Letters, we don’t sell any fakes. Five companies 100 products. with us fake, and you follow the money it gets really scary. Could the product be dangerous? Lead and chromium concentrations are quite High. Fighting back on your Marketplace.
Marketplace journalists got exclusive access to an undercover RCMP investigation into major scam calls that have bilked Canadians of millions of dollars. For two years, we have zeroed in on scammers in Indian call centres targeting Canadians: posing as CRA tax agents, tech support workers or impersonating police and other government officials. Many of you have come forward with stories of being contacted by these scammers and asked why authorities can’t do more to stop these schemes. We’ve always wondered: Are there accomplices in Canada?

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