Bloomberg ditches early states and focuses ad money on Super Tuesday contests

By | February 14, 2020

Bloomberg ditches early states and focuses ad money on Super Tuesday contests
Bloomberg ditches early states and focuses ad money on Super Tuesday contests
The 2020 race is heating up in Democratic candidate. Michael Bloomberg is already eyeing super Tuesday, the former New York city mayor, is ditching early voting States like Nevada and South Carolina and instead focusing on states with the largest number of democratic. It’S like California and New York. Texas and Florida reports, the Bloomberg campaign has spent nearly half of its add money on super Tuesday and Rust Belt states and he spend at least 350 million dollars on since entering the race.

So we from Washington and joined us to talk about this. So Sarah, a presidential candidates care about these early States the end cuz they want these victories in the early States like I wanted. They want to build momentum, popularity name recognition as they sweep into Super Tuesday. Bloomberg strategy is completely different. Who talk about that? That’S right! It’S completely different, I think what he wants to do surpassed early voting States head right into Super Tuesday with as clean a record as possible.

Remember if you were to partake in those early voting States, it would mean that he’d have to engage those States more he’d. Have to participate potentially and some debates she wishes to head into the states with the most delegates, some of the big super Tuesday States, and be able to come in clean with a record that is only bolstered by ads that he pays for not tons of earned Media that he can’t control and sew in what about the TV spending and he’s doing what he’s doing a lot of spending online as well, and some have actually accused him of you know trying to buy the election because he’s kind of circumventing the traditional Roots.

If you will, I’m wondering how his nothing compares to other presidential candidates, it’s so much more than a presidential candidates and he’s out spending everyone, and the reason that matters is because if you want to take a look at Deep dive at the other campaigns, I think Donald Trump is actually work sufficient Spenders online, especially on Facebook. They really figured out how to make things go viral. They have figured out how to test things that they’re not wasting their money on things that don’t work, but at the end of the day, that efficiency just might not matter.

If we weren’t able to spend 10 by 5, 6 7 mm out, and so what people are alleging that he’s just able to buy the election, I understand that sent to me if he’s going to be able to pour as much cash as possible, he might not Even need the perfect strategy and it may actually be working, I mean didn’t, show up in Iowa. I didn’t show up a New Hampshire, but suddenly he’s become part of the conversation and we’re seeing at least with some poles him chipping away at univ support that other candidates thought were.

They were guaranteed campaigning on. His was kind of support that he gets from the African-American community and out of the blue, we see Bloomberg gaining some support within the African-American community, I’m in some of those super Tuesday states where is investing in advertising, and so I think that once you gaining momentum In the National polls, people around the country are beginning to think. Maybe you could be a viable Contender to Donald Trump. Remember a lot of democratic voters are going not necessarily just thinking about which policy they care about.

Who can I vote for? That’S actually going to beat Donald Trump in the fall, and sometimes this big war chest and might be enough to convince people that he could ya an interesting about strategy is particularly online. There’S clearly an attempt at times too kind of introduce some levity. Give him. Maybe a letter personality than he made display in interviews at anyone who has Instagram or Twitter if I was popular meme accounts, are probably noticed that Bloomberg, so I guess meme Blitz this week.

What can you tell us about this? A bunch of really popular Instagram accounts that have millions and millions of followers to create, as that are really endemic to the platform ads that feel like they would be fun. Social media, memes and the reason he’s doing. That is because it allows you to be a part of the car station for the New York Times explains this and a great piece, if he’s just trying to hack our attention what he gets better than any other Democrat right now, maybe then perhaps Bernie Sanders is That Medium, sometimes it can be bigger message.

Popularity can be bigger than the policy and he wants to make sure that he’s in the National conversation that people are paying attention to him, and if you can do that, I think that he thinks he’s going to be able to convince people again that he’s beatable Against Donald Trump, why? Because Donald Trump is the attention candidate and what the Democrats have always lacked as somebody that can compete with him on the attention scale, not just the money scale and, quite frankly, not just the competence and policy scale.

Thank you.
The presidential race is heating up, and Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg is already eyeing Super Tuesday. The former New York City mayor is ditching early voting states like Nevada and South Carolina and instead focusing on states with the largest number of Democratic delegates like California, New York, Texas and Florida. Axios Media Reporter Sara Fischer joined “CBSN AM” to discuss the Bloomberg campaign’s digital strategy.

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