Bloomberg denies allegations of past racist, misogynistic statements

By | February 17, 2020

Bloomberg denies allegations of past racist, misogynistic statements
Bloomberg denies allegations of past racist, misogynistic statements
Welcome back around with the Nevada caucus is less than a week away. The Democratic candidate making the most news is the Lost end of the race. Full New York Met Mike Bloomberg, first by the shocking report from Grudge that he’s can none other than Hillary Clinton. As his running mate, but also for some scandalous statements, allegedly from his past, including saying quote, if women wanted to be appreciated for that brands that go to the library instead of Bloomingdale’s, I wouldn’t keep a rated. An employee over had trouble finding a nanny saying.

It’S a effing baby. All it does is eat and poop. It doesn’t know the difference between how to speak English directory for a burning building and degrading female employees. With statements such as I’d like to do that, piece of meat, A spokesman for blind bag, has denied that he haven’t made any of these statements, but honestly, something really expensive. Someone with this you know I’m just waiting on all the actresses in Hollywood to jump on their # metoo, Twitter’s and and let him know the deal. This is the issue with the world culture and there is a double standard.

You know I haven’t seen any any of these parade it around on TV in this 24-hour looping cycle, as we saw with the allegations that were made when Donald Trump was running, it’s obscene and it’s absurd to see how this guy, just because he has money to Your point, this is the party Generations that have blamed the 1 % for every single inequality and Injustice in the world and now they’re just quiet as he’s about to purchase their nomination on the stage together, I’ll ask and let them talk because they have completely different Ideologies as far as money is concerned really doesn’t need to do my cheese needs to put the Democrats together and Let Them Fight It Out by the end of the day, I think it’s always frustrating.

We talked about hearsay or the allegations instead of the policy says. There’S enough to attack on policies exposes a double standard it, as you mentioned President Trump constantly. He hates women he’s a massage in his house and he’s a racist everything right now is. The Democratic party is an estate of total panic and the reason is Bernie. Sanders and Democrats know that he would be a huge Louis do everything they can to steal the nomination, so they’re going to turn into a billionaire was going to spend by the way.

He’S already spent more money than the Koch Network. You know that they keep talking about the ghost in the coxa spend in 10 years. He wants to buy the election to the that we were just asking about the Katrina I mean by the election end, and I think someone this week said yeah. You can buy a lot of things, there’s no-one passionately for Mike Bloomberg apart, as we still see it today out in the cold overnight. You have to pay people to come to his events. While you may not be able to buy love and we’ll see, but you can definitely by delegates – and I think that’s what’s happening today in – and you know Steve just mention this – this is the Democrat party’s all about this.

Either democracy in the vote. Primaries are delegates. They’Re, not winner-take-all States and the Democrat primary. There are Republican primaries, but we don’t see that on the Democrat side, they are fundamentally taken away from what their voters want. They have no idea, what’s going, I’m in the country they’re in complete disarray, which is why we have this. It’S Bernie, 1 % at on the scale here. Why President Trump said recently – and I’d rather have I’d rather have Bloomberg, because Bernie has people who actually support you? That’S exactly right.

See. Imagine The Bernie supporters doing anything how to make a good decision. I hate Trump supporters and Trump voters. They hate their own supporters. Their own voters as well, and I think that every time that they they project we’re just seeing a little bit more. The true colors are to come to the surface and I think the Democrats are going to be pretty mad at their own party, because I’m one of the Taj rad very smart point about the policies which don’t forget that we are we in a recent on the Show’S last week.

The blank Bloomberg. He has got a set of policies that are so far to the left. Is this really sucks and particular from him? He wants to reverse the corporate tax cut. It is directly contributed to the historically low unemployment and Rising earnings, for the lowest Pages were going to talk about with, with the panel later on this unbelievable, it’s just horrifying to see how left they won’t go. There’S no such thing left in this race.
Hilton discusses the allegations made against presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg and how he stacks up against his democrat competitors. #FoxNews

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