Bill Belichick is being truthful that the Patriots didn’t intend to cheat – Ryan Clark | Get Up

By | December 11, 2019

Bill Belichick is being truthful that the Patriots didn’t intend to cheat – Ryan Clark | Get Up
Bill Belichick is being truthful that the Patriots didn’t intend to cheat – Ryan Clark | Get Up
What is trying to do what we got for doing in 2017 issue? Is they send up the video production arm of the Patriots that produces exclusive content for their web TV series? Send someone with their Advance Scout to a game status so think about this event. Scout sitting in the Press Box at the field, maybe there’s a camera over his shoulder and then like in the background you might see the field problem is. There was also a point where the camper person pointed the camera at the field for extended periods at the Bengals sideline, as they described me, see it through the Scout eyes. This is illegal and they should have known this and, I think they’re in their statement. They admit that they inadvertently broke a rule. So as a result, the league now has to investigate this footage what’s on there and then maybe do some more investigating to see who knew what and when and if they find out it went up the chain. Then it could be cataclysmic. I think that’s an important point to make hear this was against the rules, whether they didn’t seriously or not, something at least be a fine, the organization they see if they lookin they see stuff that old. This would not have been visible on television. This is stuff that you could conceivably use for purposes that are prohibited according to the rules, bring some people interviews, maybe solicit text messages, emails that kind of thing and investigate so depends what they see on the video. But again, it’s like everything else. When you talk to the NFL about an investigation, to always give you the same line, which is we need to get it right, so they would love it if it has to go beyond just looking at the video it could take a little while, both of you Guys played against these Patriot teams and you were on like sort of their arch-rivals kind of teams right the Ravens and the Steelers. So when you hear all of this stuff going on RC, what goes through your mind, cheating, if you listen to him safe, he actually said that to us. Yes, we do stitching, I’m not getting Twitter DM that you can’t see. You want my email. You can have that too. So, he’s basically saying it’s like looking understand. We used to had nothing to do with it. Track record matters, and so I’m not going to jump out here. I don’t have enough information to say definitively that they cheated, but it’s the only argument for saying that they did not, because he admitted to it doesn’t make me feel good about it. What advantage they could gain by doing this because of the past, they were recording signals. Now you have a speaker in your headset but something important about the Patriots if they are very effective, when you can’t relate a place to signal once again, so they could be using it to do that, I’m not saying they are, but I’m saying that we have To take it seriously, what The Alibi that they were told to use the last time, the guys who got caught I’m recording last time they were told to tell them you’re, recording something for a web series that we’re doing so. It’S all adding up and just assume that they’re smart enough to know better. We will wait and see what the investigation as we mentioned, they play the Bengals. This weekend the Bengals were the team who started this all coming out of the Press Box last week. So we’ll see if they get somewhere before that game is played streaming Sports and premium content make sure you subscribe to ESPN plus will see you there.
Dan Graziano provides the latest on the NFL’s investigation of the New England Patriots after the team’s video production crew was caught filming the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline.

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