Bianca Andreescu wins Lou Marsh Trophy

By | December 10, 2019

Bianca Andreescu wins Lou Marsh Trophy
Bianca Andreescu wins Lou Marsh Trophy
Breaking news from the World of Sports Marshall for 2019 suspected right, but why did the judges make this decision in a room they debate? Who the top athlete in this country was a season? She have started outside of the top 150 tennis players in the world. She wins her first-ever title in Indian Wells and then Andrew. She wins the Rogers Cup draw they’re usually afternoon and here’s the big thing about these Lou Marsh Award winners, Adele performance that people go. I remember when that happened. I remember when and everyone millions of Canadians knew exactly beat the best she knocked up: Serena Williams at the Rogers cup. That moment remember when Serena gets injured and then Serena calling Bianca and rescue remember just 19 years old old. She has power, she has braced now she’s the top athlete in Canada. I have the trophy here in Montreal: I’m ready for you to come, get it at any moment, she’s going to be picking it up today when she won at the Rogers cup. She said you know, this is not the way I wanted to win, and then she played at that US Open and she won the first Canadian woman, the first Canadian to win tennis player ever in the 79th Loomis Award winners to win and be named athlete of The year as a tennis player, so seated in the audience, it’s a tennis, Coliseum, free time, Grand Slam, winner, Serena Williams and Bianca, and if you thought she was going to be nervous Under Pressure, she wasn’t she the way. 63. Then the pressure was mounting. The New York crowd clearly on the side of Serena Williams, rescue it’s going really happening and then Serena surged and if you were going to see Bianca and rescue melt down under pressure, when the pressure is Freight, Bianca and rescue just Rises to her greatest tennis level And there she was – and you see the emotion of the moment, of course the dog Coco was there and she collapsed to the court. That is the moment of the year. Call me Bianca, didn’t get this award today.
Tennis star Bianca Andreescu has won the 2019 Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s athlete of the year, becoming the first tennis player to win the award.
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