Bianca Andreescu wins Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s top athlete | EXTENDED INTERVIEW

By | December 11, 2019

Bianca Andreescu wins Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s top athlete | EXTENDED INTERVIEW
Bianca Andreescu wins Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s top athlete | EXTENDED INTERVIEW
Bianca, congratulations for the Canadian athlete of the year. How does that sound amazing athletes is just cereal, so I’m super grateful for everyone. that voted for me. It’S one of the biggest biggest achievements. I’Ve accomplished definitely a unanimous vote, the first-ever. What does that tell you about the year you had ups and downs, especially with injuries the downs. I mean injuries right because when I was Encore, I’ve just been doing my thing and I’m just super happy with how my body did hold up, because this is my first full year on tour, but I’m just beyond proud and yeah. Let’S, let’s keep it going right. What were you doing a year ago, right now, I wasn’t playing a 25k in Kansas and 75 in the world. Would you think about that? I think about the headspace. You were in you’ve been pretty vulnerable. I’Ve heard you talk a lot throughout this journey about some of those low spots about the visualization, about always having believe in yourself, maybe when others around you didn’t so so, where were you where? Where was your head space in the best headspace, because I didn’t feel like I was improving much and at that time I was also injured, with my back. So after that stretch actually won a tournament which gave me a little bit of confidence going into my preseason and then when I stepped into my priest, then I was killing it really every much I’ve played. I was playing my best tennis. I was feeling really good. Physically, too, because I found out a couple things about my body by myself: that’s what happens when you get injured. You want to find different ways to approach different things, and then I had that. Good pre-season in January came along and I think all that hard work at that time really contributed to the success I’ve. Had you have an incredible ability to show empathy. Do you think that comes from the journey you’ve had in life? Yeah definitely definitely wasn’t an easy Journey, because I’ve been through are things like with relationships, injuries, career life, literally everything. So I would say that I’m a pretty compassionate person, because I can kind of put myself in other people’s shoes. I know people things differently, but you can at least you can do is try and I can kind of feel for them as much as I can. So I just tried to be nice to everyone I meet because you never know what they’re going through what store. I had a front-row seat to that experience you’re on the court you’re in that moment, you’re stepping out there against the greatest of all-time in the US Open final. What do you thinking as you step into Arthur Ashe, the tennis Coliseum, something you had dreamed about? Bianca? I kind of had the sense of how it was to play her or Howard being gay to play her, I’m at the US Open, but I kind of had that experience Rogers cup, but I’m about Rogers cup. I started balling before the match, because so many emotions are going through my head. It was Hometown game. I was playing against the best of all and then going into US Open. I kind of knew how to deal with that a bit better. So I was a bit more calm. I know it’s a whole other circumstance to Grand Slam. It’S way different, but I think I I told my nerves really well before the match during the match, took me awhile to control them and to just stay as composed as possible, because the crowd was obviously crazy. I think you plug your ears at 1. That’S when she was having her come back, people just we’re, probably praying for a third-set or something that’s a pretty intense, the craziest atmosphere, one of the biggest stages in tennis. What are the biggest crowds lover of Sports 2, but I did hear a lot of Canadians out there and I don’t think if it if it wasn’t for them that I don’t think I would have accomplished what I’ve accomplished. You rip the forehand winner. You grabbed your face, you’re, probably in disbelief when you have a moment and you collapse to the court and you’re laying there. What do you thinking about realizing how much dedication and hard work I put into this for and how all those times are worth it really like? You said I was in disbelief at that moment, but when I just laid on the ground, I just let everything out. I know it’s just an incredible moment: my parents were there Coco. Is there my whole team, my best friend too, so it was really good motive. For me, parents be able to come and watch you play and then, of course, his things progressed. The goals probably changed, but the constant has been your parents, love and support may be a word on what they mean to you. I look up to them a lot. They came to Canada, like 25 years ago emigrated from Romania with literally two luggages one each and to see what they’ve become from coming from that to this is just incredible: there definitely the strongest people. I know they’ve taught me everything I know now, so I definitely dedicate all of their All of My Success to them because they sacrificed so much, and all I can say is that I love you, you visualize a lot. What have you seen your future holding natural V? I wrote myself a check of that tournament back when I was 15 and I just kept visualizing bad cuz. I really believe in manifestation, so I guess now skull. Would it be to visualize the Australian Open, Trophy and becoming number one in the world by the end of next year? I think it’s, I think it’s definitely possible if I stay healthy in the Olympics, Russian Olympics. How can I forget it’ll be my first Olympics. If I make it, hopefully I make it I’m going to do my best to make it because I’ve been watching every Olympics ever since I was a little just see, atmosphere I hear from so many athletes that have played it. They say that it’s the best moment best and fireman best everything. That’S ever happened to themselves. I’M if I make it’ll be a really cool experience, I’m sure. What’S it like to be Bianca and rescue today, I don’t think I changed personally, I’m definitely more cuz Devin. Some ways to be careful who I let into my life death and getting more media attention. It can be pretty overwhelming, but I have amazing people around me that help me they grounded. They don’t treat me like. I’M Bianca and rescue the professional tennis player. They just treat me like Bianca a memorable year. Congratulations, Bianca!
Bianca Andreescu was unanimously voted Canada’s athlete of the year and she says by next year, she wants to be the best in the world.

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