Bianca Andreescu receives Lou Marsh trophy for athlete of the year

By | December 11, 2019

Bianca Andreescu receives Lou Marsh trophy for athlete of the year
Bianca Andreescu receives Lou Marsh trophy for athlete of the year
Hi Austin to NEC TV can use talk about the journey and how important this award is for you get a chance to hold this trophy, but I didn’t think it was actually going to happen and having an anonymous vote is just incredible. So I’m super. I’M super grateful for this and super grateful for everyone that that voted for me, because if your husband, incredible honestly, it’s truly a dream, come true. I’Ve been through ups and downs this year. I know that my results were pretty high, but I did go through some things so be able to achieve what I’ve achieved with all that going on is just incredible: Bianca, Kayla Williams, here with CP24, don’t call it Cinderella like I mean your journey in literally 1 Years, incredible – and you said it yourself at Rochester, this is just the and so do you have your eyes set in 2020. I don’t know how you can get better than 2019. If I could choose, something would have to be to accomplish my ultimate goal, which is to become number 1 in the world and hopefully win another grand slam and stay healthy as much as pause, hey, Bianca, a question. First part: everything that’s happened since the US Open it, I mean. Was it what you expected, or is it been more of there? Is there been a lot of responsibility? How are you staying grounded through all of this? How are you keeping a level head? A lot has changed definitely, but I was also able to this media into something good and beneficial, not only for me, but for the community like right to play. I was earlier doing activities with some of the kids from the school. It’S an amazing platform to use to bring awareness to organizations like this, because I think awareness comes first and if there’s awareness then lot of good things can happen. So I’m glad I was able to do that. I have to be careful with the people. I let into my life. I have to make sure that they’re coming into my life for my own good, not only for there’s, which is how we definitely been a challenge, but I’m not complaining. I I love. I love doing what I’m doing. I have no regrets whatsoever, so I’m super happy about everything. That’S going on right now and oh yeah yeah yeah. For me, I don’t think I have cocoa in my corner. That definitely helps also I having amazing parents like mine. They definitely help me stay grounded. I always talk about having good people in your corner. I think that’s very important and yeah. They don’t treat me like I’m beyond, I’m just Bianca, which helps a lot, because I can definitely see how Fame changes. People kdrama you my phone for my dad. I want to go live on Instagram, I’m never done that before. I think it’s a good time resume. People change, maybe because of fame or whatever is Success. Can you just elaborate a little bit about how you haven’t changed? You don’t think is dreamt of becoming the world. I’Ve always dreamt. I have never realized ever since I was a little ever since I could remember. I’Ve always been a low-key kind of person, so this isn’t really my area, so I think that also helps for me. Not to get caught up in it yeah I like to I like to be as private as I can, but yeah. I can definitely see how it changes, people and buy change. I mean you can easily shift your Ortiz into maybe doing more media things. Then your actual career, but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem with me turn on tennis, so you guys had an amazing year collectively the Canadian tennis player, especially the Three Amigos, the three young ones. Do you guys talk to each other after big tryouts, like your tournament, wins, and also the guys had at the Davis Cup team through Davis Cup finals, especially after they good compliments? We always mention how amazing it is to we all of us doing so well, at the same time and at such a young age, because I remember playing many Junior events is Felix and Dennis so it’s really nice to see that we’re all motivating each other to Do well now, because it doesn’t matter how old you are. I think you can accomplish anything. You set your mind to the time she only mine with little news. You were out there early on talking to a lot of the younger athletes in the last year. I’M sure you’ve learned a great deal about life that tennis about things in your world. What do you want to impart most to the youth that you were going to be working with write to play? I think it’s an amazing organization and I’ve always wanted to inspire the youth as best as I can, and I think now, with my career skyrocketing, I have a huge social media platform. Definitely helps in that, because social media can be good and bad, but it can be good, and that sends so. I just I just want to spread the word and hopefully be an inspiration to them, maybe I’ll be seeing them on the WTA tour. Atp Tour in like 5 6 7 years, because I really think that if I continue to do well, if Felix Dennis, if any Canadian athlete continues to do, I think I can be motivation for further use Bianca. They say that in order to be the best you have to beat the best, and so what has going up against the likes of Serena and some of your very own Idols has taught you mentally as a professional athlete in order to really kind of switch that Knob from you know, I can really do this and now that you see yourself seated at four. Obviously the goal is number one, but what has going up against some of the greats really taught you this year? It definitely wasn’t easy. I mean I didn’t have much pressure on my shoulders when I went against them. I went up against them, but I remember before the Rogers cup things going through my mind, because is my hometown III played on the on that tennis court? Ever since I was 10 years old and I was facing Serena Williams, a person – I I looked up to my my whole life and Armon talking to my coach about the game plan and I just started bawling, because so many emotions are going through my head. But I think that definitely helps release some some stress and then going into the US Open, I kind of had a feeling of how I would feel before the match. So I was better able to control my emotions. I think that’s that’s number one for me is to be able to control my emotions because I’m a pretty emotional person I like to wear my emotions on my sleeve, but I just I just wan na be myself out there, so I try my best to control It as much as Posh as much as possible, especially when I’m on the court. It’S also taught me patients, because when I’m on the court, I want everything right away. So if I miss a shot or if I lose a game, I get pretty down on myself. So I just have to bounce back and realize not everything is going to go my way, so I just try to stay in the present moment as much as possible. Can you talk a little bit about what it’s like to be a teenager on the tour and how the other players are responded to you cuz? I remember Genie Bouchard saying at the beginning when she was doing really well and she did not want to make friends on the tour that the student that was good for her, that she was just too competitive, was just wondering what the just like for you to Experience for me has been great really. I haven’t really had much problems. I mean I’m a pretty friendly person I like to talk to other athletes, because it’s a way that I can relate with someone, but I can see where Jeannie’s coming from, because we all have one goal. We all want to do really. Well, so I can see how some of them will look at me as an up-and-comer, I’m kind of like the new kid on the Block. So I don’t really have many friends. My good friend is Taylor, Townsend and I mean everyone’s pretty friendly, but we we kind of have our own path. I guess radio-canada just want to know. You mentioned your coach Bruno and I know that for a while, you used to celebrate your little victories and then Indian Wells with In-N-Out Burgers. Does the world famous Bianca still get to celebrate as just Bianca the little things did you have to just put that aside? In is your thumb, I am not at all. No, I I celebrate how I I’ve always celebrated even after US Open. I had an amazing dinner with my whole team. It was very low-key, just like I did when I 125k event last year around the same time. So I think that’s what keeps me grounded as well just keeping my roots note, remembering where I came from how it all started. So I try to keep those and hopefully I can the rest of my career high Bianca Nikki Racing for tonight. You talked about being the new kid on the Block, but now you can have a Target on your back and people know what to expect from you. I was at Chene, or my mindset will change much. This pre seasoned I’m definitely going to put more hours on the court and try to become stronger than I was at the beginning of the year, because I didn’t think I was going to be playing for this year fully on the tour. But now I know that the competition is way stronger than any competition. I’Ve ever played like the ITF Juniors ITF pro-circuit. So I’m definitely going to emphasize my pre-season a bit more and I guess there can be a bit more pressure on my shoulders and some top five. I’M a favorite maybe to win a grand slam now, but I think that motivates me. I think pressure really raises my game to the next level. I think that’s why I’ve done so well in figure matches like against Serena too. I just try to use it as a challenge rather than a setback. Can you talk a little bit about what sort of influence you’re having on the next young Canadians coming up? I mean I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Kayla cross just won the Eddy her singles and doubles last weekend – and I know she’s one that looks. I’Ve noticed a palpable difference at the Academy leveling and you know that bugs the young under 14th and so on. So just talk about your influence on the next kids coming up in Canada, I had a chance to speak to many of the athletes in the program in Toronto and Montreal. When I was there, I think it’s nice for them to get that experience to ask me any questions because, like I said, awareness is very important. So if I can tell them a little bit about my experience, I think I can help them with theirs as well, but sometimes I don’t really realize the impact have Anna on people. I’Ve been receiving so many messages on social media even in person. I received a note on the plane at one point I remember speaking about and it just really opens my eyes and it really fulfills me because it’s been a goal of mine to to do that. So it is, it’s really nice to see, and hopefully I can. I can continue to do that as much as I can kale again with CP24 Sol Bianca. This is a bit of a two-part question. I’M curious to know what your plans are for the holiday season, since you are here at home and you say you’re a bit of a Loki girl. I also wanted to follow up, so why would I tell you your plans with your family, have done your Christmas shopping and following up with and rescue, have you seen it or do you know any updates on that street named after you? Well, I’m actually going to be doing my pre-season in California. I want to get used to the weather, I’m going to hop in Australia, but hopefully a couple days, maybe during Christmas or during New Year’s, will see. But we put up the Christmas tree the other day, which is nice. We try to keep some of the same things that we’ve always done in the holiday season. I’Ll probably celebrate before I go with some of my friends and my parents. Definitely because who knows if I’ll be here for Christmas or not but and rescue way, I don’t know any updates on that. I know it’s a new Street they’ve built so they’re going to put my sign up there, but definitely take a look at it. Couple more questions: please Bianca! You just touched on your pre-season in training. California, can you just give us an update how you’re physically feeling now and are you re having it also? Are you a hundred percent right now have a really good team around me so we’re doing the best we can to recover the best I can in a short. Of time, but hopefully I’ll be ready for Australia. So I can just follow up with what has that process been like rehabbing and recovering, and as you roll your eyes, I can kind of know. It’S not easy. Cuz. All I want to do is be on a tennis court, but have to deal with it. The best way, I can I kind of know what to expect now, but my team and I are trying really really hard to find things that are contributing to all my injuries, so that I can have a long career ends play as many tournaments as I can. So I can resend number one spot. That’S question here: please, Prince update on the status of that very bad, so yeah. I can’t really say much about it. I’M just trying to rehab as much as pause and stay as positive as I can
Bianca Andreescu discussed her year and plans for the future after receiving the Lou Marsh trophy as Canada’s athlete of the year.

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