Bernie’s brand: The power of young Americans | The Weekly with Wendy Mesely

By | February 17, 2020

Bernie’s brand: The power of young Americans | The Weekly with Wendy Mesely
Bernie’s brand: The power of young Americans | The Weekly with Wendy Mesely
We’Re going to win the state of Texas has Bernie Sanders campaigning fresh off his win in New Hampshire. He is now number one in the poles and raising more money than every other democratic waking in almost a hundred million dollars. So far is Lefty. Ideas were once considered super radical, but now it is being embraced by a new generation of American voters that works for all of us. . Just the 1 % Bernie Sanders is having a moment. 17 years old. The senator from Vermont is running for president again, except this time he might actually win.

The Democratic nomination filled his branwell his and his form hasn’t changed much in a decade. Reality includes promises to end student debt and take on the big Banks and he’s using a sophisticated social media machine, a Grassroots campaign. There is no middle ground Sanders Warren supporters. There is no middle ground on issues like abortion, a swipe of Joe Biden that soon became a hashtag, including a Facebook group, with custom graphics perfect for spreading the message. Even further.

Freddy’S brand also gets a boost from famous friends like The Strokes, even cardi, B and then last month. If you can vote for the primary, I think I think I’ll probably vote for Bernie does paying attention to Bernie’s brand I’d rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders, because Sanders has real followers. Is this campaigning, as a different kind of democrat me now from Detroit? Is Nick Hayes he’s a video producer who created a viral campaign ad for democratic congresswoman, Alexandria, Mazzio’s Cortez? So you can I talk to about it.

The second you made this really powerful popular video for LC. Here it is. I was born in a place where your ZIP code determines your destiny. My name is Alexandria, ocasio-cortez, strong social media, like your young guy. How much of their appeal is it young people like you, were working on their campaigns and it’s huge to be able to look at a campaign and see yourself reflected in it right. I got involved in politics, you know at all just politics through Bernie’s 2016 Ron, and I was doing some canvassing and some volunteering for his campaign, and you know he’s really who has inspired me to email, get involved to the degree that I am now so he’s Inspired so many young people across this country there, so many young people who are a part of his campaign in a part of his messaging that it it’s it’s a cultural phenomenon at this point he’s been running for president for like 8 years now, if you consider 20, you know work with our Revolution and he’s at he’s become famous he’s a mean he’s like a household name, Bernie Sanders.

So that’s something that nobody else has and it’s it’s something that makes him being really stand out and be unique. We’Ve seen a lot of the other candidates using social media to try to get their message across to try and get support like Michael Bloomberg. Now he has all these aren’t. I cool video that seems like older people on Twitter seem to think she’s, really cool cool, dad memes that are flying around. If you had 300 million dollars to throw it a presidential campaign. Hopefully, you can get a couple decent videos out of it right, but I think that at the end of the day, what Michael Bloomberg stands for is nothing any young people want any part of a lot of his social media is driven by PR companies and and Traditional marketing agencies, as opposed to like Bernie Sanders, for example, right who has a Grassroots community on on social media.

That’S always pushed is agenda, and things like that. So I think that you know having a volunteer army still beats being able to throw billions of dollars into a presidential race, so who’s going to win that battle. I knew it’s a it’s like you said: they’re, the real people leading the internet. Like I ain’t. No people who work on Bernie, social and things like that, and they tell me that certain days he’s beating the president of the United States on social media and there’s nobody else again in the Democratic primary field.

Who is able to deliver that much engagement on the Internet, so he’s really built up of machine for himself that, I think, is stronger and more powerful, even than what Donald Trump has, which is just you know, being the president having a bunch of money. So I think that the online presence is a real threat and that’s why I think we see a lot of mainstream Democrats complaining about that’s how it’s unfair or something when it’s exactly what we needed to win the nomination to win the presidency.

I would be more scared of Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg, or than people to Jake. I mean if we are a Democratic party that truly want Power. If we want to take over this country from right-wing control man, we need to absolutely embrace the energy bright from this young movement around Democratic socialism.
Bernie Sanders is number one in the polls, and he’s raising more money than every other Democratic leadership candidate.

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