Bernie Sanders Has His Sights Set On Super Tuesday | Deadline | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

Bernie Sanders Has His Sights Set On Super Tuesday | Deadline | MSNBC
Bernie Sanders Has His Sights Set On Super Tuesday | Deadline | MSNBC
I thought that they need to be Bowie. They always look pretty palms, but those poles good news for the Sanders campaign. Today levels of investment you can make out of the campaign. You can invest your money, for example, in the campaign. Did this with that? 5.5 million-dollar. Add buy that they announced last week and that included many of the super Tuesday States and then there’s the candidates time and that’s what we’re Senator Sanders had. Two events in North Carolina right now he’s still speaking on stage here in Charlotte, North Carolina and then later today, he’ll be going to Texas in the Dallas area for a big rally.

Their his messaging on the campaign Trail is also getting a little bit. It was in Durham where we heard him when talking to his supporters. He said that he’s taking one opponents who are billionaires and trying to buy elections and he’s also taking on opponents, who are funded by many, many billionaires billionaires. That’S a not-so-subtle job at Mayor Mike Bloomberg and mayor Pete buttigieg. So this campaign is making a clear sign to the rest of the field. Saying hey we’re going to be competing in the super Tuesday States because we find them important.

Nicole Factory start with, on the trail with Bernie Sanders. Thank you, my friend, let’s bring into our conversation, Jason Johnson momentum got out of that sort of botched results in Iowa, but you still hear it on the street in the play. Rent in the dog park is every place. You go this angst about him. What is that? Does that sort of resolve itself completely new? He is something that we have not seen in American politics in a long time and when something people get nervous, then Brad States purple.

I don’t know if his plans are actually going to move people. I don’t know if his plans are actually effective. Calls going to take a bit longer, that’s the first time. You’Ve heard anybody on the Sanders can’t talk about it, yet we will have to deal with the Senate and that’s the kind of question he’s going to have to answer to make people nervous on the ground. Thinking he might be a real option, sort of High Low by Liam formed you know, Twitter universe is, is his people are brutal, hit that take no prisoners very Trump? Like being said about his supporters and a sense that Bernie doesn’t want to ring that in doesn’t rain his people in some more sort of a function in the real world, without do you know the blue switch on their phones? Not not.

Twitter players ever beat Donald Trump, who has the stock market unleashing roaring. So this is what I hear mostly from voters. Is the Democrats are concerned about now there is a core of Bernie Sanders supporters who were going to stay with him? No matter what and we’ve seen what that bass is, it’s twenty-five 26 % of the popular vote, but expanding That Bass. How does he do it in one way does occur. As we know, the not Bernie Sanders candidate hasn’t been determined and they are splitting the boat.

A lot of different ways, but you know what else determines the winner: someone who starts winning and winning and winning and people get on a bandwagon at some point. Racking up wins if he wins in Nevada. If he comes really close in South Carolina, who wins in some of these super Tuesday States, you’re going to see a lot of democratic voters go well? Okay, I guess this is our guy and trying to make some sense of it. He’S not unpopular correct. It’S not like he’s going in upside down, and he has no.

I mean he is, I think, but candidate. His supporters are very enthusiastic about him. Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube.
The Sanders campaign heads to two Super Tuesday states, North Carolina and Texas, where new polls show him on top. Aired on 2/14/2020.
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Bernie Sanders Has His Sights Set On Super Tuesday | Deadline | MSNBC

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