Bernie Sanders gains momentum in Democratic race

By | February 16, 2020

Bernie Sanders gains momentum in Democratic race
Bernie Sanders gains momentum in Democratic race
Begin by making a dramatic announcement you’re ready we’re going to win the state of Texas US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders confidently predicting Victory, although he is still a long way from winning the Democratic nomination. He faces a strong Challenge from Pete buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend Indiana, not to mention Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren cast of all the money is just around the corner of the Nevada caucus is on February 22nd. So for more on this, we’re joined, as we often are in Washington by Julia Manchester.

She is a reporter from the hill good morning to you, Julia thanks again for joining us to get to that Democratic race. Let’S begin with the week that was for the u. s. president, many are calling it to Trump unleash Trump Unbound. All of this, in the wake of his acquittal firings pronouncements, how do we make of the state of the president this week, his critics, such as the Democrats win? The house Democrats in the Senate really criticizing him over this expansion of his executive power as it seems, and it has a lot of people scratching their heads over.

You know the firing of those Witnesses from the justice you testified in the impeachment trial. Then you have attorney general General, William Barr, essentially saying that President Trump tweeting makes it hard for him to do his job so kind of frustration. I would take on both sides and Washington we make of Barr’s comment. Some have suggested that it was a temp for him to separate himself from the present and yet still remain within the presidential fold. Are people speculating it all in his future? Based on his comments? It does make sense to him.

I think probably what happened was he was getting a lot of pushback in the Justice Department, which is made up of a number of career officials that weren’t didn’t take their positions in the Justice Department as part of any Administration. They are just permanent career officials Administration, and I think they probably handling of this Breaking Point. Remember next week bar will testify before the house Judiciary Committee, so that will be definitely be something to watch but definitely Attorney General, William Barr in a tough spot, but you’re.

Seeing the president, the White House, communications team, essentially saying look Attorney General William Barr has a right to say that. However, the president has the rights to this well raise Bernie Sanders, looking very confident that coming out of New Hampshire and, of course, his good showing in Iowa. What do we make of his momentum? Does he have an antenna continue? Do you think he definitely has to be seen as a bit of The Comeback Kid remember? In 2016, he very very narrowly lost.

I would say to Hillary Clinton in a lot of these early States, and I think this is him essentially coming back with a stronger Progressive message. Stronger base he’s worked: make that bass more expensive, really working to reach out to a number of minority communities you’re. Seeing that pay off for the polls for him and states such as Texas and such however the debate he has a ceiling at this point in his support, I’m we really won’t know, I think, the final shape of the race, I would say until after super Tuesday And that’s when my is now – and you also the number of moderate competing against each other Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary.

So it is well, of course, the former US president worth underlining Obama’s vice president, perhaps one of the more successful Democratic president ever certainly for those within the party, a favorite going in, but many are saying a time is numbered for him. What do you make of his chances and what does he have to do fighting that is in the coming few? He has a very uphill climb in the coming few weeks. Remember and I or New Hampshire his campaign, definitely downplayed expectation saying that he likely you may not win.

However, we didn’t expect him to perform a squirrel performed in those States coming in fourth and fifth place. They will argue that those states were always kind of a long shot for them. However, he is the former Vice President of the United States. He should be performing and he is so right now they’re kind of putting all their eggs into this Nevada and South Carolina basket. But the problem with that is that you’re seeing a number of other campaigns with her it’s Amy Klobuchar Pete, buttigieg Bernie Sanders really ramping up their operations.

Joe Biden has a lot of support among the Black and Latino communities in those States. However, you’re also seen Bernie Sanders ramp up his support with those communities as well, especially younger, younger African American, who are fire. They really not necessarily looking viable thanks again for your time. Thank you.
Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum as the Democratic leadership race heads into Nevada. We discuss this and more of the latest news in U.S. politics with The Hill’s Julia Manchester.

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