Bash to Buttigieg on black support: Why aren’t these voters coming to you?

By | February 17, 2020

Bash to Buttigieg on black support: Why aren’t these voters coming to you?
Bash to Buttigieg on black support: Why aren’t these voters coming to you?
Whisper: let’s talk about the race that you’re in right. Now you have the most delegates. After the first two contest, they were overwhelmingly white States. The race is about to get much more diverse, and a new Quinnipiac poll showed that since last month, The Forum Vice President Joe Biden, his support among black voters, has fallen by more than 20 points. But Mayor Bloomberg, his support among black voters has triple to 22 % you. On the other hand, your at 4 %, those voters coming to you focus on poll numbers right now we’re having conversations with voters, many of whom, by the way I have been very busy in their lives and last year were saying.

It’Ll come back to me when there are more than 20 of you and are taking a different and new look at the candidates. Now that we’ve demonstrated that we’ve been able to gain support in States like Iowa New Hampshire, as we come to more racially diverse States like here in Nevada and South Carroll, mini the voters of color that I’m talking to are focused, and particularly on, in particular on One thing defeating Donald Trump: nobody is experiencing the pain of living under this Administration, more than voters of color, and I’m talking to a lot of high pragmatic voters who want to know more than anything else that you can put together the organization and the message that Will decisively defeat this President? We have got to get this right.

The Narrative of the question going into these boats is whether or not success would begets success. You’Ve had success, and you feel confident that that voters of color are going to see that and look your way in a way that they haven’t before absolutely I mean I still have to go out there and earn it. This is a process of earning trust with voters who have every reason to be skeptical who have often felt taken for granted by the Democratic party, who are again very magnetic right now too, and so I am not going to take any vote for granted.

Just as I’m not going to leave any vote on the table, we are campaigning hard here in Nevada across across the country, will be working hard in South Carolina to. I believe we’re in position to earn report that we need not only to win, but in order to deserve it. I know you’ve heard they’re criticizing you for holding high-dollar fundraisers all over the country, and you have said that you’re doing whatever it takes to beat Donald Trump, but right now, you’re in a race for the demo. Attic nomination and Senator Sanders, for example, is Raising more than you without holding those high-dollar fundraisers.

Is it fair to say that what you’re doing now is whatever it takes to beat Bernie Sanders and your other Democratic rivals in order to get the point, were you can go after Donald Trump? So, let’s be very clear: my campaign is fueled by over two million contributions. I believe the average contribution is under 40 bucks. It is the lifeblood of our campaign and by the way, if you’re watching right now, you can go to P4 america. com and help this campaign. That is a critical part. 2. How we succeed. I am following the same fundraising practices that President Obama did and end that our leaders have in order to make sure that we draw in all of the support.

Do we need to win, and the campaign on building right now is not just for earning denomination. It is for defeating Donald Trump who, with his allies as demonstrated that they will do anything to hold on to power. My campaign is about belonging, it is about inclusion, I don’t the Define this campaign or to find myself by whose help we were jacked us about making sure that everybody who shares these values. Everybody prepared to defeat Donald Trump is on the same team pulling together and we built this from the ground.

I’M not a millionaire. I haven’t been in politics for years or decades. I don’t have the advantages of having been a senator. We built this from scratch and with the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have contributed to this campaign, people of all walks, I’m proud of what we’ve been able to do, and yes, this is how we are going to defeat this President last Before I Let You Go Rush Limbaugh to the president recently awarded the nation’s top civilian honor, described you as a 37 okay guy mayor of South Bend, who loves to kiss his husband on the debate stage, know there has been bipartisan criticism of him for those remarks.

I want to give you a chance to respond if you would like to I’m faithful to my husband. Usually just go for a hug, but I love him very much and I’m not going to take lectures on family values from the likes of Rush Limbaugh.
CNN’s Dana Bash asks Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg about his black voter support after a recent Quinnipiac poll put him at 4 percent.

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