B.C. salmon stocks at risk of extinction after rock slide

By | December 11, 2019

B.C. salmon stocks at risk of extinction after rock slide
B.C. salmon stocks at risk of extinction after rock slide
Over 30 species of fish that 900 mile Fraser River to several hundred kilometers Upstream, a massive slab of rock crumbled off the side of a cliff walking the salmon migration path and triggering an emergency response. The summer helicopters flew tens of thousands of Fish South Bend Over the slide in buckhead’s Cruz, eventually created a natural passageways of the salmon could swim through on their own, but for some, the rescue operation was too stressful and to in the delicate spawning cycle documents obtained By CBC, News Now reveal a dire Outlook. Government scientist believe there’s a meaningful chance of Extinction, for others believe it’ll be much worse not3. We may see 10 15 20 of the runs potentially being driven into Extinction. Bike ride. When I, when I first heard that news some bands have already made alarming observations of their own, they noticed that there were very few salmon up there and some and some tributaries there were no other where they used to go in spawn. There are none and fears are already mounting for next season to the internal report for the salmon run and officials are now asking for help. Until late November, the Federal put out a formal request for information they’re looking for ideas from the industry to private-sector and First Nations on way to get the remaining rocked out of the river summer frechette, and it takes all the way till December to even start. The current contract shell – this is the Canadian military – should be in there that Public Works catastrophe. Experts worry will spell the end for salmon stocks already not to their knees by Mother Nature, Daniel Fletcher, cdcnews, Chilliwack BC.
Some B.C. salmon stocks could face extinction after a rock slide over the summer blocked a critical migration route that hasn’t been cleared.

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