Authorities provide updates on the New Jersey shooting (LIVE) | USA TODAY

By | December 11, 2019

Authorities provide updates on the New Jersey shooting (LIVE) | USA TODAY
Authorities provide updates on the New Jersey shooting (LIVE) | USA TODAY
I wanted to go through with you who will be speaking today. He will be opening things up. He will be followed by the Attorney General gurbir Grewal following us attorney, including the director Jeremy. Patterson from and accommodate everybody here. Is there anything we can do to make this easier for you guys, please or Tim this afternoon, probably don’t figure sitting here. Is there anything else we can do I’m going to go check on the speakers and will be back in probably about 3 or 4 minutes. Good afternoon, sir, to be a few minutes behind. Allow me to begin by first echoing what I said last night, if not for the tremendous Orca law enforcement from the immediate response of the Jersey City police department, for the support from the state, police and local and federal agencies today coming to terms with a much Darker reality, this remains a very fluid and fast-moving investigation attorney general gurbir, Grewal, New Jersey Callaghan, as well as her colleagues to the FBI, led by Gregory and ATF, led by Charlie Patterson, as well as by the US attorney Craig carpenito and their teams are leading this Investigation in addition to a Dollar Tree them, I also want to acknowledge our director of Homeland Security, Jared Maples, Hudson County prosecutor, Esther Suarez, who sadly bury your dead this morning, so ask her: God bless you, Jersey, City, police, chief, Mike Kelly, account executive time to G’s Other elected officials – I think I’ve got most everybody here, everybody so so. Thank you. All Cheney to this investigation will be made through their offices. Additionally, our Administration is partnering on the ground, both here and with communities across the state to provide whatever assistance is needed to ensure that residents last evening, based on everything – and I say this on behalf of all of us – the collection of state and federal and local Of Representatives based at everything we know there is no ongoing security related to the events of yesterday Department of Education under commissioner. The doctor Lamont is working directly with the Jersey City Public Schools to ensure that the appropriate crisis services are available and accessible to all students. Educators and support staff who may need the department also stands ready to assist with any issues of school safety. The school district is also working cooperatively with Carter and non-public schools in the community to ensure their students and staff also have resources available to them. Commissioner, epaulets office has also contacted neighbouring District who have availed their services to Jersey City. The office of Homeland Security preparedness is working directly alongside are Jewish communities and other communities of Faith across the state to ensure that every New Jersey and could feel safe, secure director Jared Maples and the Attorney General gurbir Grewal, attended in fact this morning to meeting for The interface advisory Council to directly address concerns and highlight resources available to our communities of faith. Any Community leaders security concerns should visit www.nj Homeland Security. Gov, that’s www., Homeland, Security. Gov. It’S like the interface, that’s the interface tab of the top of the homepage, for information on available resources and, of course, to all New Jersey’s. If you see something say something any suspicious activity earlier today, I had the opportunity, along with Israeli consul-general, if that’s a dear friend during his visit, to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community, we prayed at the synagogue literally, that is right beside the store that was Shot up and was the locus of so much of the action yesterday, one thing must be made perfectly clear and attack what are Jewish Community or for that matter on any Community can what is by many measures the most diverse state in the United States of America And weather that attacked may be here in Jersey, City or anywhere in our state. That attack is an attack against all nine billion of us who are proud to call ourselves New Jersey’s.. This morning, we all woke with parts heavy for the victims and impacted by what occurred here yesterday for the family of detective Joseph seals. Rest, his soul, the innocent victims inside the market, God Rest their souls. But we are also firmly. to take the steps necessary to ensure that this doesn’t happen again has been here for Jersey City since day one it was here yesterday, it’s here today and tomorrow we stand unequivocally with this sitting with that. Please help me welcome the Attorney General State of New Jersey., Pretty good afternoon being here. The governor Mansion, we’re joined by federal and state Partners. This afternoon looks pretty Craig. Carpenito is here with us: Colonel Patrick Callahan, superintendent, New Jersey, State Police FBI, special agent-in-charge break ATF. Special agent in charge, Charlie Patterson, director Jared Maples, New Jersey, office of Homeland Security and preparedness, Hudson, County prosecutor, Esther Suarez Jersey, City, police, chief, Michael Kelly. Yesterday, when two gunmen open fire on civilians and police officers, who saw the very worst of humanity. But in the response, as law enforcement work to dress the threat and us Community came together to breathe and care for survivors, we also saw the very best yesterday could have been far deadlier and the reason it was not as due to the heroism the men and Women at the Jersey City, police department – and it’s also due to the close partnership you see on display behind me, between federal state, county, local law enforcement in New Jersey, I’d, especially like to recognize print Kelly who oversaw the response. Yesterday, I want all those who supported State Police, many other local and county law enforcement agencies that rushed to the scene. So I stated last night this is an active going. Criminal investigation does I indicated last night. Our office is serving as a lead investigative agency. Alongside the US attorney’s office, the Hudson County prosecutor’s office, the FBI and other partners as we right now, we are working to learn more about the shooter’s motivations and whether anyone besides the two gunmen may have been involved. We recognize that many in the community are anxious to learn about. I learned more about what happened and we’re committed to providing additional information as soon as we can confirm the accuracy of that information. At times like this, it’s especially important that the press and the Paw stick to the facts. If they’re, officially reported by our offices during the early stages of an investigation, others may have incomplete or inaccurate information, which cannot only create unnecessary panic in the community, but also undermine the Integrity of an ongoing criminal investigation. So here’s what we know now. It’S belief that at some point yesterday to individual encounter and kill Jersey, City police, detective Joseph seals in the Bayview Cemetery in Jersey City, the two suspects are David and Anderson, age, 47 date of birth October 20th, 19th and Francine Graham age 50 date of birth April 28Th 1969, both of them are deceased there, after at approximately 12:21 p.m. U-Haul Van driven by Mr Anderson Park directly across the street, from the JC Kosher Supermarket, which is approximately one mile from the cemetery within seconds of arriving mr. Andrews accident, the driver side door of The U-Haul, with a rifle in his hand, you walk towards the JC Kosher Supermarket and immediately began shooting this Miss. Graham, the passenger in the band followed mystery into the store until the conclusion of the event and two suspects were made inside the store inside the supermarket. The suspects encountered for civilians, three of these civilians were killed. A1 survive the gunshot wound. Those killed were Mindy for rent Mindy, ferenz age 32 date of birth December 23rd, 1987 Miguel Douglas age, 49, date of birth February, 8th 1970 Moshe Deutsch Deutsche for date July 7th 1995. The Survivor was able to escape the store at the beginning of the incident and we are not providing his name at this time. At approximately 12:38 p.m. the Jersey City is Department received a 911 call from an individual who discovered the body of detective seals minutes later. At approximately 12:43 p.m. Jersey City police department, personnel, Kosher Supermarket in engage with the two suspects inside a long, protracted shootout follow and at approximately 3:25 p.m. the Police armored vehicle broke through the entryway at the supermarket. Approximately 3:47 p.m. the law enforcement incident ended when the officers discovered the bodies inside the supermarket. As soon as the shootout ended enforcement began, processing the scene, including numerous item, evidentiary value and documentary evidence. We are currently reviewing four indications about the suspects possible motives. We know that there is significant speculation at the shooter’s motives, processing, ballistics evidence. We also recovered a python and I’ll. Let our FBI partner speak to that. That’S all the information we are ready to provide. At this point, we plan to provide you with additional updates tomorrow. At noon from the same location, let me address a few other points. First, we’re in the process of identifying all available video footage of yesterday’s incident. We hope to release it to the public as soon as just last week, our office updated our rules regarding the release of such footage from we intend to comply with those rules. In this particular case, and that’s his standard practice will release the footage once we completed the interviews. all available material Witnesses and gather physical and documentary evidence most relevant to this case. Second, as is the case in the investigation, we look to the public for further investigative leads. If you have information regarding yes, shooting, please call the New Jersey State Police at 609-963-6900. Third members of the public, especially in Jersey City city, should be vigilant about scams that take advantage of yesterday’s tragedy. Do us attorney Carpinito will speak about that further, and we ask that you report this activity to the FBI. Finally, and on a more personal note, let me say that all of us in law enforcement, Jersey, city, a city, that’s still reeling today. This is the city where I was born. This is a city where so many people in so many corners of the globe. First Step foot into this extraordinary country: this is this anywhere. In fact, the Kosher Supermarket stand stands proudly across the street from a Catholic School down the block from a Dominican on a street named after Doctor Martin Luther King. It’S a city of Chinese grocers in Indian shopkeepers and recent college graduates. All striving for a better life in the shadow of the Sun. Jersey City is an American city, a city that reflects the values in the strength of our nation and of the state that we all probably call home yesterday. That City came under attack fast, and we recognize that many of the community by coming together working together. If I craving together and showing that we are stronger than the hate that fueled is terrible tragedy, I can assure you that my office and the office was if everyone standing up here will do everything that they can to ensure the safety of the community and to Defend the values that made the city of Beacon for so many with that, I want to turn it over to our partner in these efforts us attorney for the state of New Jersey, Craig carpenito. First, I want to start by sending my heartfelt condolences to the families of yesterday’s day yesterday, a detective Shield woke up in the morning to do what you can do with the past 17 years, Coney Island Street ultimate price. The three civilians that you woke up in the morning going to their job to do what every American to do to work, to provide their face. New Oscar Mayer speaker go for everything that you said for attorney general General Prairie Waltz already. But what I can tell you is that we’re working stand by their statements with their statements, and I hope that you can be understanding that we have to be careful about providing incremental information about sense, an incomplete information, speculation believe very misleading narrative and, quite frankly, I Think the family and loved ones deserve better than secure theater of leaks throughout the Press. Processing of information than meat may or may not be after sleep. So please be patient story for recycling, but I can tell you I’m sure, you’re busy at work on it been on it for the last 24 hours for sharing information properly up here. But until then we have to be patient when I turn it over to SEC. Cranberry of the FBI to do a little more information before it’s the Communist Manifesto. I can’t believe what I’m about to say what, on top of the trash yesterday, we found out last night that reprehensible 454 off I trying to profiteer Misfortune brothers and are creating fake GoFundMe pages to try and solicit donations reportedly for the family can use it to Line their pockets. I can no words. I can’t find the words pets Customs, but I can tell you in her looking at it when estimating it. If anyone has any information about any of these Pages, if you have donated to any pages last night, there were no official legitimate go fund me sites with Pages set up. This wasn’t wanting for anything, that’s going to happen for you donating to animal site, but if anyone has any information about that place, contact yet good afternoon, my name is Gregory Yerington special agent in charge of the FBI’s Newark New Jersey field office, first and foremost, Echo. What do vertical for our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this tragic. Since I would be remiss, I just might have lost at all certain state of charge of all operations. Braxton investigation it takes all of our investigators, don’t want to participate in those kind of that. If you have a question or you need some factual information, we should be giving it to you. Idle speculation is going to distract what we’re trying to accomplish. Thank you very much and I think we’re going to take the question I apologize live to. The location was searched by a safety professional forensically. They did locate in that, amongst other items that I won’t be discussing a pipe bomb improvised explosive device. What I will say is what exam it is. laboratory right now it was an available device meeting. It could be the vice that would have exploded. It was again of a pipeline powerbomb design, not complicated but sophisticated in the sense that time and effort Legion. this time. We’Re not attributing any Crispin specific motivation to this. That’S what we’re investigating right now, questions contact but, as I said, we’re actively address the nation the governor has mentioned. I believe you mentioned as well that there is no credible threat that we are aware of right now. As far as any additional security concerns, I was wondering if you could comment on that, perhaps you put as well and director Maples. Obviously, the Jewish community in New Jersey is an attack on a Kosher Supermarket. What, if anything, is your office doing and working to make security? A front-burner issue for these people? Can I wear at the Interfaith advisory council meeting this morning at 2 to speak with our faith? Communities across the state inform our faith, communities that we are here as partners if they’re concerned particular at this time of year as there’s more religious gatherings and things of that nature tours for always reporting suspicious was the governor mentioned that they are the victims of any Type of bias or hate to report that the appropriate channels and that we will follow up on any and all of those weeds, and I think those are some of the steps we’ve taken and will continue to have engaged golfing communities across the state at this time. This is what I said in my remarks. This is that, upon arriving at the scene, Anderson got out of the vehicle with the rifle into a shooting, almost immediately walking into the school. Now one person escape with a gunshot wound is recovering fully. The three individuals remained in the store, the wife of the owner, a worker and a customer are all now deceased now begins a difficult task for us to determine which bullets, but our belief is that they were killed almost immediately upon the two suspects entering location. We’Re not going to give allegations ongoing. I work in the plastic sportswear. That’S what I provided and, as I mentioned, will be back here tomorrow at noon, to provide additional information as the investigation procedure that conceals is still under investigation as to when it transpired had specifically transpired, that’s an investigation that remains ongoing. Again, we will be back when we are able to share more information and we will share between this and the killing that happened in Bayonne with on the weekend. But I will say this in and that’s an investigation that prosecutor Suarez his office is running. The two suspects were deceased. In this case. The two to Steven Anderson and Graham are our Prime suspects in the Bayonne Uber driver killed online, the y in the ideologies in the motivations, that’s what we’re investigating and we want to be thorough and want to be accurate. Before we come back with more information which shell casings are attributable of which weapons and how many shell casings there are in again when we have more information to share, or we will be back and we’ll share that information, all I can tell you is what our Investigation is showing that’s why, but I think everyone has spoke this morning said that the information about the investigation should come from here and then Gary and his folks. If you have to be on his friends office, we’re all looking into the ideology in the motivations and we want to be operative, want to be thorough. We want to be responsible, we come back with that information and we will come back and we have an answer tomorrow, but you haven’t spoken freely about the ideology. Is there a reason why this classified as a good time? At this point? What we have said is that we were investigating the motivations for the killings. The facts: are they arrived at a location they got out immediately began, shooting that’s what precipitated that investigation at hard-working interviews, the review of documentary evidence, digital evidence and other evidence is ongoing. There are dozens of interviews are being conducted so until we have complete information of you are responsible for us to tell you what the specific motivation start Siri is. So does the FBI just put that out there speak to what’s been put out there. What I could tell you, and I’m not going to speak to how they initiate an open investigation to what processes they might go through to do that. All I can tell you that we’re standing in front of you telling you that we are conducting additional investigation before we reach any that’s what what the motivations were, what the ideology ideologies were at play here or not like here, and I think, to be responsible to Be thorough, we need to take those investigative steps together before we could characterize this one way or the other Sandra Cunningham, viginas and Freeholder stick Romano. I know here among other elected officials. Thank you all very much.
The Tuesday shooting in Jersey City, New Jersey left a police officer and five others dead.

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The shooting at a kosher bodega could have been far more deadly had officers on patrol nearby not quickly intervened, city officials said Wednesday.

“We now know this did not begin with gunfire between police officers,” city Public Safety Director James Shea said. “It began with an attack on civilians in the store.”

Shea declined to reveal the names of the suspects. However, a law enforcement source told the Bergen Record, part of the USA TODAY Network, the shooters were David Anderson and Francine Graham.

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