Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial – BBC News

By | December 10, 2019

Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial – BBC News
Aung San Suu Kyi: How a peace icon ended up at a genocide trial – BBC News
The world used to see this woman as a symbol of peace and human rights price for her efforts to bring democracy to me and Mom now, she’s, the civilian leader and she’s fighting charges that the country on her watch is committed genocide. Just what an incredible turnaround. This is turn off uncensored. She was kept under house arrest here in the city of Yangon by the brutal military dictatorship. Now, though, she’s standing up for the same mommy took away our freedom and even trying to justify its actions to the world. This is targeting and killing the ranger Muslim minority intent when in 2017, 740000 ninja these refugees, rape and murder, and then this happened. West African Muslim country, The Gambia Myanmar at the United Nations popcorn, the international court of justice, the issue, an emergency ruling to protect the red ninja from further harm. Put me on allegations of genocide. The Army, which still holds enormous power, those it cools terrorist and the Really the rohingyas, are illegal immigrants who she appears to agree, but yeah she’s, the night that me and my was being persecuting the real Ninja Mackenzie going on. I think ethnic cleansing is too strong of an expression to use for what’s happening now. She continues to accuse the International Community of failing to understand the situation in trouble. Dry kind state that they are certain extremist elements who do not want peace in the reclined. So we are disappointed in the fact that the International Community has paid very little attention to the terrorist element. Making the army so publicly was some believe she sees it as her duty to defend her country, even if she doesn’t have constitutional control over the military. And, let’s not forget many in Myanmar, which is a majority, do not care about the Revenge of Muslims defense of the country in the face of so much International criticism could boost on some sushis popularity, even more general election in November 2020, and there is no International Police force to protect them from further abuse, but it could lead to damaging an economy only just finding its feet off the military rule. It could also give momentum to other ongoing legal cases Bruce on behalf of the red ninja. This means for years to come. We’Ll have to defend yourself against one of the worst crimes imaginable, an international Beacon, the freedom sanus and the quality it was fooling so far.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi used to be seen as a symbol of human rights, and spent years under house arrest for promoting democracy.

Now, as Myanmar’s civilian leader, she is at the International Court of Justice to defend her country against charges of genocide committed against the Rohingya Muslim minority. She will, in fact, be defending the very people who had previously imprisoned her – the military.

How did this peace icon wind up in the dock?

Video by Nick Beake and Tessa Wong.

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