Armed kids shine light on Mexico’s drug cartel violence

By | February 16, 2020

Armed kids shine light on Mexico’s drug cartel violence
Armed kids shine light on Mexico’s drug cartel violence
Deadly cartel violence has escalated across Mexico, and some Villages have arm children in the fight for peace and stability. Drawing images show the kids during training somebody younger ones, holding fake guns, but others are using real weapons, become more common in indigenous communities across Mexico. This story in a new report, where local militia official sake at they’ve been left with no choice is AR-15. El gobierno Americano worked on that story and she is joining us now from Mexico City. Thank you.

So much for joining Joni is semolina. We were just talking about active shooter drill here in this country, and then we pave it to to your story with these children kind of on the front lines of this horrific situation. But human rights groups, as well as the Mexican Government, say that the Vigilante and militias are exploiting children daily of volatile situation. I’M sorry: what’s the situation like their families of paint is a better picture, so this community, where it’s happening, it’s a very small town and get it on a village, a little Hamlet and it’s nestled write in the valley of of these mountains and it’s basically a Sitting Duck for cartel violence, so when I visited it actually feels pretty tranquila pretty pretty calm, but I think you have to understand about Mexico in about this particular part of good Arrow.

Until it’s not in so in this Village, people have essentially stopped leaving. They don’t go out because they’re too scared, so Emily in your article, you focus on one of the young kids in this militia. Louis you spoke to him during a training session. I want to play Sierra Nevada hospital Emily II covered. I spoke to a adults who were children during the librarian and Sierra Leone Civil War and how they see life as adults right now having gone through the trauma of being a Child Soldier in those horrific Wars.

It’S something that most people will never be able to fully grasp. So I can’t it’s hard for people to watch this and understand what it’s like for a child like this to be in the center of this violence around the car write, and I want to be careful – I would not call them child Soldiers the way that it Might have happened in other countries, you know they’re not necessarily being sent out to the front lines to fight the cartels. What they are being trained to do is the service of last line of defense in case the cartel attacks, and one of the things that was striking to me is that I think to myself when I was there, what are these kids going to do to repair? I mean the gun that Lewis uses is a 20 gauge shotgun that shotgun.

Normally, it’s used to kill rabbits in small small game. I mean the idea that he’d be able to repeal a cartel with that gun. Is it’s almost like a ball, and it’s also sad at the same time, but they are. There is a sense that if we don’t train our kids who’s going to defend them according a sense of empowerment, you’re absolutely right. I got the cartel that is heavily armed with automatic weapons. These might not be able to do anything, but do they feel a sense of empowerment in actually knowing that they do have some way means of protecting themselves.

Empowerment might be a strong word. I think of a feel less vulnerable, and I think it’s also worth noting that this in many ways the Cry 4 desperation I mean this is real. These kids are being trained and, at the same time, the militia got his training. Them knows very well that this creates a media star and they’re, using it to put pressure on the president, Mexico and on government officials to deploy more security to the area. So there’s a quote in your peace and I’m going to read it by an anthropologist and it goes no one takes notice when the children are illiterate and malnourished cares until they see children with guns.

This is a strategy, a cry of Despair. Before the before the inaction, indolence and racist attitudes of the government authorities and talk to me about that Conan, what’s the government’s response been so it took go back a little bit. I mean the kids. Some of these kids haven’t gone to school since July and that didn’t get a lot of media attention. You know I didn’t go out there to report because it was too violent. I think that the government authorities, and perhaps some are to blame recruitment by criminal organizations or if it’s the local indigenous militia, are making their children.

It’S abuse in children shouldn’t be either at the front lines or the back lines of of violence or fighting cartel violence.
Deadly cartel violence has escalated in Mexico and some villages have resorted to arming children in the fight for peace and stability. Vice News explores this story in a new report where local militias say the government has left them with no choice. Vice News reporter Emily Green joins CBSN from Mexico City with more.

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