Are LeBron and Anthony Davis enough to get the Lakers to the NBA Finals? First Take debates

By | February 14, 2020

Are LeBron and Anthony Davis enough to get the Lakers to the NBA Finals? First Take debates
Are LeBron and Anthony Davis enough to get the Lakers to the NBA Finals? First Take debates
Are LeBron and KD enough to get the Lakers to the finals? The other teams have been making moves from the standpoint that I had the Lakers going to the finals, because I said those Dynamic dude that those two guys LeBron and and a D or two of the top five players on the planet Earth and they bring their Game they should be able to do it now. The other day, when you saw me on TV, you saw me sitting up there. Do my Austin Powers. You know the you know all that other stuff. Why? Because the Clippers got Marcus Morris, that’s an additional defender on LeBron James go to the path to the finals.

Seems that much more daunting. I don’t think that you know what the Clippers, from top to bottom, make their the better team. My only point is the reason why I don’t have to completely deviate from my position is because it goes back to what I said from day, one Anthony Davis and LeBron James, intuitive top 5 players on the planet Earth. They bring their A-game in the sport of basketball when you have two superstars that play like Superstars, I’m sorry that can be enough to get it done. This a lot of questions about the Lakers right now, because with question 35 years of age, 17 ft in the league in a part of LeBron James, along with a four-headed monster in LA right, then LA with the Clippers who killed his sister and guarding him.

In a case of Anthony Davis, we had him right here on first take and we were talking about how cats were looking at them because I had Godzilla, we got five dogs before they acquired Marcus works. We got five dogs, they might only have one okay. So that’s what they were saying, but the point is with all of that being said, Anthony Davis. Why they’re not calling that’s because they he’s an all-world talent, but they believe they could compromise them if they get physical with them? Which brings us back to my original point if he plays like an all-world player and LeBron plays like an all-world player in the sport of basketball, top five players, no excuses and I’m a Lakers fan by the way.

Can we talk about the Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls, for a second? Let me tell you why the Lakers this year, because as much as people were talking to one of the all-time greats right here and Isaiah Thomas as much as people always try to make it about the point guard in the pig in the NBA and throughout history. What brings you success? The most success any team has ever had is the Chicago Bulls, Jordan, Pippen Dynasty, and when you look at that dynasty, it was to attack dog perimeter, guys who could do send and score, could shoot and take it to the hole who had an overall game.

Two of them six, six, six, eight – that is the formula, so I can. You can tell me about you can tell me about Beverly – was tremendous love, Patrick Beverley Williams. When you talk about dogs, he’s a doggone off, that’s usually think about defense, he’s a doggone off that you can talk about Doc, Rivers and coaching at all these things with the clippers, but they have Kawhi Leonard, I’m Paul George, it’s the closest thing. The league has seen two to Perimeter, guys like that, since Jordan and Pippen and Kawhi elevates Under Pressure he’s the guy when the chips are on.

You can talk about this cuz. You were a chips on the line pipe layer, The Greek Freak get shut down. Who do you want the shot against Philadelphia gets made? Who do you want to put them up against Kawhi with a chips on the line? It’S not go good teaching Isaiah both of you are kind of right, but where I see the Clippers having a really distinct Advantage yet is because of they identity, the defensive identity that they’ve yet to develop, but at least they know exactly what they want to be. I think the Lakers are still a work-in-progress they’re, talented enough to win, but I still think they’re working progress.

I don’t think they play really solidified who they are what they want to be. I know they want to be Champions, but when I look at the Clippers I look at, I see a game plan and terms of behind the bench with da crib trying to instill that mentality of toughness defense, wins championships so forth and so on. I do believe they’re offense will kick in, but at the end of the day I, like you, believe that the Clippers have the most talented roster. I think the Lakers right now are still trying to find that toughness that person who’s going to bring them.

That type of toughness I look at LeBron. I look at a d clearly they’re the best players talent for talent, but when you look at their toughness in their identity, I don’t think the Lakers have really developed their identify like the Clippers from the beginning of the season, because when you try to throw it Together and you have to push all your resources into the children together, can you bring these new guys together? It takes like a season or two to get the details right: the role-players to figure out what Ruth’s the Clippers 148 games and then just dropped, Kawhi and Paul George on the team.

They want 48 games last year with Patrick Beverley, those guys and Doc. Rivers of the coach: how are you going to add Finals MVP in a conversation when you look at the Los Angeles Clippers? Yes, you are dropping those, but there’s a lot for them to figure out as well, because you have two additional bodies that you have to appease. Not defensively they’ve got their going to come together, but offensively. You know what you got to do that as well. Plus you got the load management issue, you’re talking about chemistry, camaraderie.

All of those kind of you got to work that way in the case of the Los Angeles Lakers, what you do you dropped Anthony Davis into the mix, and it’s just that simple. So it’s not that complicated for them. Kids, when it gets complicated for the Los Angeles, Lakers win. Lebron James, is in a game. There are fences, fluid an elite. Lebron James has the ball in his hands. You’Re running your pick-and-roll, Frank Vogel is accustomed to coaching bats and they look so blunt. Here’S the problem, the second. He goes out of the game.

Who do you have a chart, which is why everybody was talking about Rajon, Rondo, Schrader, wood, Oklahoma City? How you needed to get one of those. ? You didn’t do that, then you were praying that Derrick Rose. So now what we have a situation is with LeBron with a d you know who is the key guy for the Lakers Rajon Rondo, because when he comes off the bench he has to be able to give you some ESPN on YouTube for more sports, highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app for live streaming.
Stephen A. Smith, Isiah Thomas and Max Kellerman debate whether LeBron James and Anthony Davis are enough to get the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Finals.
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