AOC challengers speak out on ‘Fox & Friends’ on their campaigns

By | February 17, 2020

AOC challengers speak out on ‘Fox & Friends’ on their campaigns
AOC challengers speak out on ‘Fox & Friends’ on their campaigns
Congresswoman Alexandria, ocasio-cortez, calling for massive voter turnout in the primaries is more than a dozen Rivals. I her house seat here in New York state the converse women saying quote last election cycle in the prime. As we know, the turnout was quite low. We need to start creating a turnout machine right now, but could those words come back to haunt her if she loses the primary choice right now, for a few of her Challengers, laugh, we’ve got a Democrat and a Republican or a Democrat. You are going to primary Democrat why what kind of Democratic Socialist it was if one more people come out, you’ll see what the district wants.

What the district is looking for as a Democrat from your point of view when she won the election in, took her three or four months to open an office and the district includes like it’s queens and Bronx. So if you walked on Brown, she’s never been there. Even in Jackson Heights, where her office is she most rare case, it comes into the community. What do you think she’s not really around the community? In fact, she does have a desk in another office holders office in the Bronx, and it’s the desk is not the author, so she’s really out of touch with the people that live in addition to Cherie.

You say that when you go around the district, people don’t even know who she is. The new Way Forward act, new immigration legislation that she’s co-sponsored. These policies are dangerous, Steve and they’re, going to hurt the quality of life for queens and Bronx resident is top-of-mind. For you regarding her is the fact that you know she led the protests against Amazon and all those jobs never came to New York. It’S just not that job is indirect job and specially most it’s a very immigrant base Community, all those indirect jobs.

It was so necessary for our community and just for that District, not only for the congressional district 14 two-bedrooms appoint earlier. You know, she’s, not a regular kind of democratic socialism when she’s out campaigning with Bernie Sanders. Aoc was going to be there, so she is a rock star with a lot of people will she is with the Socialist left? That’S absolutely true, but you talk about her absenteeism. We have a parade up in Throgs Neck of Veterans, Day parade and I was at the parade and where was she, she was in Iowa, Bernie sander.

She much prefers that National Spotlight, but completely disregards the people in district 14 and the Unity is up in arms. About this dangerous policy and she’s, always in my a into his plane, ulcer of the colon located Braun’s office, is a slap-in-the-face considering that she just opened her campaign offices, both in Queens and the Bronx just recently Steve New York ready for somebody with you know now That people have seen what her policies are after the last 2 years when the next election comes up, will she be real? Did you all want to make sure that that doesn’t absolutely because he was but I’ve been a longtime Community leader serving queens and I hope to feed newly elected so that I can represent? There are quality-of-life issues that we need to tackle as a representative and, quite frankly, she’s more concerned about pain and the Limelight and her Showtime gigs.

Then she is about the residence of the district, even though she said she’s from Bronx. How many days in a week are in whichever comes back, she comes and deals with the community. We have, we have lots of jobs, we have problems in school, we have problem, is just walking in that be a homeless, shelter problems, a lot of issues in our community that needs to needs to be addressed who’s addressing then. How is she addressed, and things said, she’s too busy doing the presidential walk around right now, instead of effective in helping her community the front page of the New York Post about how the squeeze you guys are back ending February 9th robberies up 23 % burglaries up 33 % felony assault at 47 %, grand larceny Autos up 225 % and it’s having a bad effect on a community and Alternatives around the state.

Alright great discussion, but it is also something that affects the most of my life for the bail reform. But I think has to be tweaked a little bit to haken effect, because most of the minority was actually help the minority and that’s what it is. But we need to tweak it a little bit because it has increasing crimes but someway we have to have more effective at to see.
Democrat Badrun Khan, Republican John Cummings and Republican Scherie Murray say Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is bad for their New York district. #FoxNews

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