Antonio Brown plans to meet with teams at the NFL combine | Get Up

By | February 17, 2020

Antonio Brown plans to meet with teams at the NFL combine | Get Up
Antonio Brown plans to meet with teams at the NFL combine | Get Up
It’S obviously important for the NFL to clear him, but if that happens to UC Antonio Brown returning to the NFL, where we stand, what are you doing in his life to make sure that he is handling his business off the field in the right way? He’S just too good of a talent, and everyone knows Talent, reign supreme and Anna found out me. I would never allow me to be in my locker room again. I’Ve said that there’s nothing that you can do on the football field to make me feel comfortable about him being in my locker room, but if you could spare about the NFL will absolutely send an opportunity.

It’S a little bit enough. We got another chance you bringing that player. The key is we’re going to show you the one non-guaranteed contract if today goes well on the field and off the field. You’Re welcome back tomorrow at work closely monitor the situation is the New Orleans Saints if Drew. Brees comes back between him and Sean Payton, you get the benefit of a great talent and you try to minimize downside and you helped. You truly help him get better, but I think we all know the same production. Breeze, taller and saying he’s been a productive.

I know he’s getting an advance year age, but if you can get him for one year, rental, I think a great place, the same team that he shun last year, the Buffalo Bills, you think about the Buffalo Bills, are knocking on the door step to have a Good running game and young team have a strong coach coach, have a lot of people respect also. They only had two receivers to have over thirty reception. You can’t win in his leg. They ever want to try and get over to Mountaintop and not the papers off. In that division understand that he has, he has to be led by his peers and it’s a zero-tolerance.

Listen! You can’t you listen, we’re going to trust you and give you a clean slate. Hear you break that trust you out the door, because at the end of the day you can’t win with a fragmented locker room, your we had a little bit of that it, and then we clean those players quickly, one or two years all the bad season. I, like room, was gone very defensive player taking all the off-the-field stuff and putting that to the side for the moment, how much beer does he still strike in to defend two players in the league right now? Last time he was playing, I mean he still.

That’S fast explosive guy, who can you know he can run any route of the route tree and you know facing a guy like that is, is very dangerous, but you know I’m with the right guys and let him know on the first day of how things going To go right when I came into this to the coast, this is who we are, and this is what we going to be. . You cannot be so you got to just stand your ground, but if you can’t behave with Belichick and Brady living in this house, you’re you’re you’re texting your accuser, who can who can get to you movie, one that could control anybody it’ll be interesting to see what Happens there we’re so glad you’re watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and plus we’ll see you there.

Antonio Brown’s exclusive ESPN interview:
Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard, Dan Orlovsky, Bart Scott and Mike Tannenbaum discuss whether Antonio Brown would get signed if he is cleared to return and meets with teams at the NFL Scouting Combine.
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