Antigone: A searing story of love and tragedy

By | December 10, 2019

Antigone: A searing story of love and tragedy
Antigone: A searing story of love and tragedy
The first time and take a knee popped up on my radar was when it took the best Canadian feature prize at the Toronto International Film Festival. Now it’s Canada’s official selection for the best International Film prize at the Oscars, and now that I’ve seen it well. I can understand why this is a modern adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy. What Montreal director Sophie the Wrath has done to this Greek tragedy into the present making a powerful film about immigration, Justice of the justice system, family bonds and the price of loyalty that begins with Naima Ricci as Antigone. She and her family, a sister and brothers and a grandmother all came to Canada after losing their parent. The other siblings tease her because she’s always so studious. I was worrying about her exam, but when her brother is involved in a police shooting for that, close-knit bond is casted mixed up in a gang altercation. The police responded when it’s over his dad another arrested. Here’S Antigone coming to terms with the aftermath, and so Antigone makes a dramatic decision to sacrifice herself to save her brother, but look at that gays. Look at her eyes that glow makes this feels so arresting is a power of that young lead Naima reaching out. How do you find a young woman and the others to play this North African family in Montreal? Will the directors at a constant call received 800 responses, watch 300 Edition and then she discovered reaching new to the acting world but hungry to make her Mark? There is the director describing why this young actor stood out she’s a special person. She has a very deep and beautiful soul and she’s also very committed to to acting, even if she has no like a like a kennel training or not that many experiences, but but she she wanted to be an actress and she was willing to commit like all What she has an order like a like a for art men’s at Mason, tickety interesting, is away the characters. Imprisonment Sparks a move it now. It’S not easy to do. The recent film Queen and slim tried – and I was less than convinced – with results but tear it spreads organically person very few montages. Some words hurt in court. He says my Park said to help my brother, then those words red and then her face for haircut to even a color scheme become part of this viral attention that she gets in. Perhaps what makes it flow together so well is the one woman behind it so feed a rasp. Is the director the co-editor cinematographer right or she even did some of the artwork. The results is a unified vision, original Greek tragedy. The Wrath has given us this searing story about a woman who loves so fiercely, regardless of the cost four stars out of five, be like Laster, CBC News: Toronto.
A Canadian take on a classic Greek tragedy, Antigone follows the story of a girl in modern-day Montreal as she navigates a traumatic incident involving her brothers.

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