Anti-pipeline protests grow, disrupt B.C. legislature

By | February 14, 2020

Anti-pipeline protests grow, disrupt B.C. legislature
Anti-pipeline protests grow, disrupt B.C. legislature
From downtown Toronto, where protesters brought traffic to a standstill at Green Lakes from home – and I wonder if maybe you guys would like to go home now to your family’s – we are home your Honor Frontline. We would like you to go home to please Belleville Ontario Aaron’s in Halifax. A long line of trucks at idle is protesters, blocked, access to a Container Terminal government blocking the doors and disrupting the speech from the throne.

Tina lovegreen takes us there to block every entrance and staircase to the building. Ministers were turned away or forced to wiggle their way with the help of police that everyone recognizes the importance of protest. Visions of democracy are challenged in this way, I think it. . I think it is such a very dangerous precedent, hereditary Chiefs, but despite loud voices of opposition, there are 20 elected she’s along the pipeline route who support the project, including most elected, then council’s.

I support the project and there’s lots of other pens that support the project. Lots of community members but they’re afraid to voice their their support or show their support because of ostracisation, but still more disruptions and you Hazel 10 CN trains haven’t budged since they’re a small group of young people in bela-bela chain themselves to police cruisers in Vancouver this Busy intersection blocks in all directions: some had a little patience left after some delay.

The throne speech was delivered, including a promise that reconciliation remains. A top priority is a matter of Rights. It’S a journey we are on together, but those on the streets see it differently. There is no reconciliation, no clear and Coastal Gas link says. Work will resume next week.
Anti-pipeline protesters in support of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs blocked roads and rail lines across the country and disrupted the speech from the throne at the B.C. legislature.

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