Anti-pipeline protests block roads, rail lines in B.C.

By | February 14, 2020

Anti-pipeline protests block roads, rail lines in B.C.
Anti-pipeline protests block roads, rail lines in B.C.
Protest began at the courthouse where pipeline opponents were fighting an injunction which bands them from blocking operations at the Port of Vancouver feels terrible man unjust, and that’s why I’m here rich, I major artery into the city’s downtown DC’s Premier John Horgan up here, is to be Running out of patience after yesterday’s speech from the throne was disrupted by it pipeline opponents blocking all entrances to the legislature, I’m going to continue to work with those people want to make progress and they are legion and far outnumber those who who are preferring instead to Continue to focus on grievances police are now investigating after four people reported assault and property data elsewhere in the province, major disruptions to millions of dollars worth of cargo shipments on BC’s Rail lines.

By protest like this one near Hazleton know we stand with our brothers and our sisters defending or we will be here until the RCMP are removed from what two and territory Coastal Gas link must be removed more to it and territory. I’M all for protest, a violent one that was not planned that through everything off is not cool. I applaud the first nations were taking a stand. Against. The pipeline Ace Hardware, ambulances gets to the hospital, and that’s probably something you want to avoid evening.

Ongoing anti-pipeline protests blocked major roads in Vancouver and rail lines in B.C. as Premier John Horgan appeared to lose patience with the situation.

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