Anthony Rota’s first speech as new Speaker of the House of Commons

By | December 10, 2019

Anthony Rota’s first speech as new Speaker of the House of Commons
Anthony Rota’s first speech as new Speaker of the House of Commons
I have to the great honor you have been. Please confirm by choosing me to be your speaker. I beg to return my acknowledgments to the house for the great honor. You have have been pleased to confer upon me by choosing me to be your speaker. While I was waiting, I have to put down a few notes, show me, don’t know the others to put their names forward too loud me in the last session to be assistant, Deputy speaker, and it was an honor then – and I owe him personally North, who is Deputy speaker was an amazing amazing person to follow The Honorable member for assistant Deputy speaker, and she did amazing work. Thank you for letting your name stand for. Thank you for having let your names. It’s a real honor to have someone who has experienced, but who wants to make the house better to have someone like that run. Thank you so much for letting on that name, Sam. You have five very good, and I maybe I should conclude my own name in there all of you for taking the time and going through it and you coming up with a decision which was very favorable. But thank you for taking that time in coming out to do this and there’s another group who sometimes are not giving enough thanks and that’s the group of people sitting around the table for the clerks. Thank you see you for having a receiving election and, again all of you for giving me the biggest honour of my political career being here chosen as speaker. Thank you message before every choice. I want to thank you for the confidence that you placed in me and I hope I won’t disappoint you and remember that I’m here to serve you and make sure that everything runs well for all of us, so that we can conduct the business of Parliament works. Well, my promise is to be fair, it’s to be non-partisan and to do my best in this house at your service. Indulge me for a moment. Some of you may not understand what I’m about to say, but very proud to be the first Speaker of Italian descent to see the Red Scare and I’m sure your translator avoid garage. Now, our friends, family and children watches on television on a regular basis. Ask one favor of all of you just think: every time you get up, let’s make sure that her friends, family and children – speaking of my daughter, would have been here today, but she wrote her last exam this morning and I’m very proud of her she’s graduating to University, so I’m very thrilled Samantha. This is where it gets tough cuz, I’m a very special lady sitting up there. I want to thank all of these poses you know who have the relationship for parliament in Canada, which
Liberal MP Anthony Rota was elected as Canada’s new Speaker of the House of Commons.

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