Animating for African heritage: Interview with Kofo Oyeleye, founder of Iyin-Creative

By | December 11, 2019

Animating for African heritage: Interview with Kofo Oyeleye, founder of Iyin-Creative
Animating for African heritage: Interview with Kofo Oyeleye, founder of Iyin-Creative
My name is Coco aleron pounder at in Creative, where we make fun cartoons Illustrated books and mobile, app to help children learn native African languages and about our cultural heritage. Let’S learn together the beautiful Yoruba language in Nigeria as a result of our Colonial Heritage. The primary language spoken in English and Grady answer to display study English in school and some schools don’t like to teach our native language far from the work that we do in creating content in our native language. We also educate people on the importance of cultural preservation, because your culture is your identity and if you lose your culture, you’ve lost, who you are one of the primary impact, because is the sense of Pride that it gives the children, because they see contenders in French. In Italian and the seed has wonderful, they have on cartoon characters that Stacy on TV and their, but they don’t look like them and they don’t do things like them, but we. Cartoon and content the able to identify with the characters that able to see themselves in What they, what Avett offensive identity, creative started as a result of my desire to help my daughter, learn. Our native language is native language is the Yoruba language. I couldn’t find any phone solution online that she would enjoy and children love cartoons. So I went online watch videos and taught myself to animate so that I could create something fun to have for hard to learn Pig language she’s like really good at it. And then I have a son, that’s 5 and the funny thing is he’s like my foster child, because I was pregnant for him when I started an amazing and his first poking Wayne on native language, because he heard it’s so much in the womb that when it Came out he was actually like picking words in on this is language from now on, just in Nigeria now, and we have a Content, Justin three Nigerian languages for now, but we will replicate our work in other countries across Africa, because the challenge is not a Nigerian Challenge eastern African challenge because of our Colonial Heritage, and so we were Rich Moore children across Africa and children of African Heritage in the diaspora,
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When Kofo Oyeleye couldn’t find any resources to help teach her daughter their native language of Yoruba, she began creating her own educational cartoons. Now, as the founder of Iyin-Creative, her animated videos are helping children all over Nigeria learn native languages and culture. France 24 spoke with her at the Emerging Valley tech conference in Aix-en-Provence to find out more.
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