Anger in New Brunswick over planned hospital cuts

By | February 14, 2020

Anger in New Brunswick over planned hospital cuts
Anger in New Brunswick over planned hospital cuts
Folks and Sussex aren’t happy. The mood in the Derry town has soured with the news. Local hospital will be losing overnight. Emergency care and residents want their government MLA to know their upset Starfire some Publications. Sometimes the province is Planet X, 6, rural hospitals that treat an average of just five patients, a knight who now maybe for us to travel up to 75 km to the nearest ER and 6 hospitals, will also lose their Acute Care status and become chronic Care Centers.

Instead, offering 24 hour service seven days a week to operating 8 a. m. till midnight continue to slouch towards that Cliff is a demographic nightmare, a rapidly aging population and where 35 % of doctors and 40 % of nurses will be ready to retire in the next 5 Years plain and simple, we just do not have enough people, but for many, today’s proposed cure is worse than the disease. I was horrified or baffled and outraged that the Department of Health would drop devastating news like the hunter Community without consulting with the medical staff.

If it goes ahead with the plan, we will bring now this government at their first opportunity. All of this leaves conservative Premier Blaine Higgs in the top spot. He leaves and then already government, but even his own Deputy Premier says he can’t support today’s Health Care reforms.
People in at least six New Brunswick communities are angry after a decision to cut emergency room hours at local hospitals.

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