Andy Reid on Super Bowl LIV Win, “I’m going to get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen”

By | February 14, 2020

Andy Reid on Super Bowl LIV Win, “I’m going to get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen”
Andy Reid on Super Bowl LIV Win, “I’m going to get the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen”
He was the league MVP in 2008, for the Dallas run EP parade a little. We’Ve got the Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes, and the Super Bowl winning coach, Andy Reid, guys, congratulations being down 10 in the Playbook and the playoffs, or something what’s going on here. It’S definitely not we just like to make it a little difficult right now and I think the biggest thing as these guys around me that their belief, it’s amazing that Cylon down in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, every single.

, Believe we were going to win Until had to get that win was amazing for a long time. It seems like every guy that we’ve had sit up here and write reviews not only about you organization in the feeling that they have as a t they said from the onset. It was something special about this team and it started with you. I’Ve got this guy right here and it’s just begun. It was all about them. Tough, you’re and he’s better half, of course, and you’ll been through this journey, a long time to finally see him horse.

Their Lombardi, what does it mean I just I mean he just gives it all. He always thinks he can figure out a way to win, and I always trust him it hasn’t set in yet so long time to get. To this point, give me your emotions right now throughout this season, and I build this Brotherhood with these guys. It was amazing and I’m glad that we were able to tap it off in the right way and getting the Super Bowl championship and bring it back to Kansas City who’s. Everyone. Here I got my girlfriend Brittany and my little sister Mia, my mom Randy, my 612 brother Jackson.

People been working overtime on social media as well, and so I think mom posted a tweet, not all that long ago, and I think since middle school I used to get on Patrick and say I don’t care play the Super Bowl. What is this mean to your entire family? Of course, you at your pops played 11 years in the major leagues as a picture. What does this mean to the Mahomes family, baseball fields in Sydney now been in the Super Bowl on and winning it? I mean on my dream, is always be a professional athlete.

I thought it was only baseball, not football, but now to be here and when it is amazing, to stay so calm throughout the entire game. When you know your dad, you never flinched no facial expression handled it, and so I’m most confident and I’m great leadership here. The badger on the defensive side, Lima, Frank, Clark and the guys that he says all you know all those guys phenomenal and great coaches in the city of Philadelphia. Where you started your head coaching career. What does it mean to see the Eagles tweet out afterward? Of course, their owner Jeffrey Lurie was here as well in person, watch this game Philadelphia and our friends and that’s important.

So the things you did for my family myself always be grateful to him so and then the people of Philadelphia, their tremendous, the great City, love coaching. There is there any time on the sidelines, doing this game that you had to grab them grab the guys to come on guys that you just clock is ticking. Let’S go, it stops, and so I mean it’s amazing. It really is to be in that situation. Downtown was like 7 minutes left and to find a way to get away, and it’s amazing, Patrick. It is one thing to win the Super Bowl to be named.

Mvp, it’s such a young age and also to be arguably the face of this league is well. Is that something that you Embrace at this point in your career? There’S a lot of great football players in this league made Lamar Jackson just wanting intimacy MVP a day ago, and so I understand that I’m not don’t have to be the one facing the league. I thought his go out there a year in and year out and try to be the best player in person. I can be there a lot of good things usually happen. Now you have a question.

I’Ve been watching you. I was sick for a long time going way back to high school and Texas Tech. You know, of course, I’m going to teach you guys, so you broke out hard. Sometimes what went through your mind because you didn’t Flinch at that time. You came right back out on you started swinging it. I thought I had that mindset of the matter. What happens? The last latest focus on the next play. I think coach Eric be enemy is big on that he always has the most important players the next plane.

He preaches that to the offense, and so I think I’ve been having people around me and having the coaches. I’Ve had around me still just talked since that I just focus on the next play, no matter what I did with the previous play. I know this is a long time coming, but you got to promise us that you could really enjoyed it. I mean don’t go up and be on to the draft. You got to really inhale this. Give him like three days and three days a little bit. We need another one look at the city.

What is that party going to be like over the next few weeks? Andy unbelievable. I mean the city of can’t wait to see him right here. This is what we get every weekend we play at home. We go on. Oh, this is what it was like. Why so they’ll be more burnt ends floating around Kansas City that you got from to Hall of Fame guys go cuz. I know you got more coaching to do, but we can play the welcome. You haven’t seen him so special. So Meghan Trainor and so that’s a part to love about coaching him.

So this is all real. This isn’t a state. Shall we get this everyday and loved every minute of it? Then Patrick, I guess you’re a millennial. You know that the social media twitterverse live forever. So we found this little Nifty one from about seven years ago, or so I have. It feels amazing to be the quarterback I’m going to Disney World. I mean it really is surreal, something out remember the rest of my life and I’m glad I got to do with the guys out around me, but it’s not the first nor the last to congratulate Rodger Super Bowl 54 Victory.

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid join the NFL Network set following their Super Bowl LIV win over the San Francisco 49ers.

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