Andy Reid on Finally Winning Lombardi Trophy, “You get one, you wanna go get another”

By | February 14, 2020

Andy Reid on Finally Winning Lombardi Trophy, “You get one, you wanna go get another”
Andy Reid on Finally Winning Lombardi Trophy, “You get one, you wanna go get another”
All right, I have no injuries, I’m happy for the hunt family. Most of all, I’m in there they’ve been through a lot over the years and for them to have this back in their hands. I think is tremendous and then for the city of Kansas City. It’S great, I dropped the guys over here about. I give me some Burnin flying tonight, man, so I I wish I was there to join them. It’S I’m in for our team. I told them that go to another 20 years. If I can have that group right there, man, there are beautiful bunch resilient, tough, tough-minded, dirty tough-minded, as you saw tonight, so I’m so proud of them yeah.

I know he did a great job. He he kept firing, that’s what he did so and the guys around him just believed in them. We all did. I mean all the coaches. Likewise and and then our defense had some just a couple: great stands in there and now we knew it’d be a close game felt that way and we knew their beasts challenges in with the weight after battle through and and nobody, nobody lost her Poise. They just kept rolling, so I was proud everybody there yeah. So why don’t? I just talked to him yet, but I’m on the field, I just said: keep going we’re going to be okay.

We will start make this place here. We done before will again and and yeah we did. You got that suit on man. yeah, so the guys just last year losing to the championship game. I think the effect that had on the guys that they they felt it getting that far and then being that 4in off and it wasn’t D4. It was all of us are all foreign we could have done for engines better, and so this offseason they put their mind to it and as for the coaches and everybody up their game – and this is a result of Miss, but it’s across my mind.

The last couple, 3 weeks here I just felt like if we got it straightened out and we just kind of find that accelerator for a series or two we be okay and you know we’re able to find that and I’m both sides of the ball special teams Did a great job of Megan drive along field, so it was an all-around team effort, yeah and I’ll. Listen, I’m really excited I mean about it. You know if you want to go, get it yet one you want to go, get another one, but we got back pedal for about a minute here and and enjoy this one, and then I will get busy on the next one I’ll get that to you when He inducted in the Hall of Fame.

I love my time in Philadelphia. Phenomenal players are, we were so close. I’M in my heart went out to those guys there’s one thing that hurt: it was for the lorries and and and the players so there’s. This is a pure team effort, so I just I’m happy for them. They had a little piece of all of this I mean and then for the Eagles to do what they did a couple years back with Doug, and so I mean it’s. That’S a special City and they’ve had some great players they’re great, to see him still involved with the city.

So again I appreciate it’s humbling to think about all that so, but I do appreciate every bit of it, but you don’t care about that. . I really don’t know this is a pure team sport. I love that part of it to win games and when I’m with great people – and so we bust our tail to do that as coaches and players – that’s a part that I think needs the respect and, and so the other stuff you take care of that everything Else happens, and that’s not really, where my mind my mind goes, I mean it’s really the last thing on my mind, a great job and I thought Sammy Damian Tyreke the offensive line rallying around the guys, Damien’s put together three games now that have been powerful.

So when needed he just bear down and that 95 week there at the end we will Sherman the backfield as old man, old school formation, so double tights two bags and it’s nothing but power power football in and informed abounded in, like that, I just I was Great yeah, you know what the guys were jumping on top of me, so I made it was. I got a ice bath and everything I mean it was one of those. So I didn’t have a lot of time to reflect on anything other than trying to keep guys off, feel Richard Matt, the soul after that goes up.

Anything can happen, but it was awesome in there is just a bill celebrate of the guys at work so hard. You know what to get you this pot, the theme to The Spot. I mean to see how excited they were, the guys we rather mises that I can’t wait till I get with him and and I’ll be able to enjoy that part. I loves those great haven’t, get weather for about 40 years now, so every day is a special day. I’M telling you my glycol my girlfriend for the Reason by heize. You never lose interest. If you do that right now, you guys out there I’m your girlfriend.

You always do special things for him, so I appreciate that Patrick. I don’t know what we said that it was. It was good and we’re prizes, Google Andover. What just happened. I don’t know, but it was not me that brings it. This brings brings it out in your body. Come back man, that’s right! Oh man, I hadn’t even thought about that I’ll. Be there. So I’m in there they’re inviting us I’ll be there. So I’m quite an honor. I think yasso be remiss if I didn’t mention Brett Veach up here in the job that he’s done, bringing players and the competition.

That’S then I appreciate it so these guys throughout and then the zest that it gives you to be creative as coaches and to try to utilize these guys strengths. ability. So it’s not it’s, not all Patrick – will be the first to tell you that. But it’s a good place to start and end continue to build that competition will be the most important thing that that we do there as we keep going and unfortunately things change in this league. I told the guys at last night. They know that, but I may have reminded him that he’ll never be the same as it is tonight, which is now that’s a sick part about this job.

But unique group have a double cheeseburger tonight with with extra cheese I might enjoy with my family and the team. That’S how I’mma do that’s excited.
Watch Andy Reid’s full post game press conference from Super Bowl LIV.

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