Andrew Scheer’s full keynote address at UCP meeting

By | December 10, 2019

Andrew Scheer’s full keynote address at UCP meeting
Andrew Scheer’s full keynote address at UCP meeting
I am so pleased to be here with our new member of parliament James and to be able to celebrate the 21 other writings across Canada, our party added in the last election. I was hoping to bring you a much bigger Victory after the campaign with taking stock or learning learning about Justin Trudeau’s play book, but I never dreamed that he would attack albertans attack his fellow Canadians like he did so I’m going to make improvements over the efforts We made last time – and I can tell you I am – and our party is ready for the next step to deliver the victory that you deserve times of division are times of danger, but they can also be * of opportunity. No, at the moment, Alberta is paying the price for our nation’s Division, and I know how many of you are seriously wondering if Canada still works. The damage is significant. 70,000 people looking for work here in the city of hundred 25000 Alberton energy workers, unemployed, TransCanada and moving their business to the US. You feel as keenly in the half-empty Office Buildings but most importantly seed in the face of the tens of thousands of your neighbors and friends whose livelihoods have been destroyed by Your Own federal government has a father-of-five living in Regina. I see it to my friends and neighbors are feeling it too, but westerners albertans are Brazilian people, you’ve learned to adapt and overcome everything thrown at you to make this province what it is, but not in a generation has, it seems, like you had to do it On your own, with the rest of the country seeming to not under and or sometimes even care about what is happening here, there’s never been a more important time for all of us to stand together and we went on October 21st. I am deeply disappointed and losing hurts, but I know for many of you in this room. The disappointment is far deeper and the pain is much worse because you are on the front lines of what is at stake. If Justin, Trudeau is allowed to keep doing what he did for the last 4 years, and I’m here to tell that you are not alone. We fell short of our goal. Yes, but more Canadians, not just here in Alberta and Saskatchewan. More Canadiens right across this country voted for our plan for a United and strong in Canada. Our plans are instead of tearing each other down. We lift each other up in Confederation and in working together as leader of this party, it is incumbent on me to figure out what I and our party have to do differently to finish the job in the next election. I’Ve already made some major changes to our staff tour partying to a caucus leadership and I’m continuing to travel the country. Conversations to make sure that we improve upon our efforts to learning is that the division that the liberal party has sown in this country goes far deeper than just conservatives versus liberals between East and West, between English and French, between urban and rural. Even the division between Generations continue to grow and the sad part of this is realizing how much this doesn’t bother. Justin, Trudeau, Pilar Regional divides for years to reach out to the west to Alberta and show he cared about the hundreds of thousands of people out of work. But he didn’t because division isn’t the result of Justin Trudeau’s plan division is Justin Trudeau’s, but we all need to ask ourselves is this? Are we going to let another Trudeau divide us are? Are we going to fight for the Canada we know and love? Will we fight for a country where Elberta can once again Thrive is the backbone of our national economy, but we let ourselves get torn apart, or will we fight together for United and strong? Of course we will fight? I know you will fight too, because albertans have never quit when things got tough, albertans will always fight to survive and to thrive. This province was built by people who overcame impossible conditions. This region wasn’t supposed to succeed, it was they said it was too cold and too Rocky. The resources were to deeper too hard to extract. But since the time of our first people through when waves of newcomers came to La Crete or leftridge. I’ll bring some proven you’re tougher than the whether you’re stronger than the train, and you know how to dig deep to succeed. Albertans have never been afraid of Big Ideas; you’ve never been afraid of impossible Dreams. After all, look what all of you in this room have done to create this United conservative party and this campaign in this Federal campaign. You delivered again country because Alberta had has always delivered for our country. Conservatives across his country gave Blood, Sweat and Tears to fight for United Canada and that message resonated in virtually every single region of the country evaluating what happened in the election. I’M listening to you and I’m learning we’re learning about what we need to change in order to deliver the Victory and finish the job. The next time. I’Ve heard that we cannot give up the fight now. Let me also say I am very, very interested in hearing from conservatives like you who works so hard who are on the ground, who traveled far and wide, who knocked on doors to fight for our vision of a strong and United Canada. I want to hear concerns and your feedback. I am very interested on how you think our party must be shaped to finish the job. We started this campaign. I am entirely uninterested in what the Talking Heads the naysayer. The people who make their money by stirring up division in our party have to stay because there is a leftist movement in this nation of movement, shutdown or energy sector to stifle free speech to destroy free market principles. And if we take the bait and start fighting amongst ourselves now we are handing them the ultimate victory. That is why we must stay together. That is why we must stay, ladies and gentlemen, as concerned as we only win when we are united and our federal conservative party only succeeds when we are united, Stephen Harper and Peter McKay put aside their differences for the best interest of the country to create our Modern conservative party, that United the party, and in doing so they held the Paul Martin Juggernaut to a minority government in 2004 and within 18 months, the Conservative Party of Canada formed the next government. Ladies and gentleman, we are on the precipice of the exact same thing. We know it’s going to be hard work and we will get there together. We must stick together, Define the Common Ground. Our Common Ground found it on individual liberty, freedom and the rule of law are beliefs matter who you are or what you believe. You belong here and deserve every opportunity to thrive and to succeed by excluding people are Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Protestant, Catholic or atheist. There is a place for you in Canada, and as long as I am leader, there is a place for you in the Conservative Party of Canada, ladies and gentlemen, because our party has always been a picture of what Canada can truly be of. How strong can it can be when we work together for the good of all fiscal conservative, social conservatives, reformers, foreign policy, Hawks Urban Tori’s conservationist in order conservatives, when we get together when our caucus meets were all just conservatives, we welcome we welcome and celebrate everyone wear Their Christian or Muslim, gay, or straight French or English man or woman from the east or from the West. What matters is that we all believe in every Canadians, intrinsic value and worth, and we will fight for all Canadians. Everyone has a home in our party because our party has always represented the best of what it means for Canadians to stand, strong, United and to work together. Our party must remain a we’re, all are welcome or it will fall, and that is the real reason why Justin Trudeau needs our party to be divided because he came out of this election with big losses knocked down from a strong majority government one just four years Ago so we can minority and shut out of much of this country and his priority. The Liberals. Only priority will be to get that majority back 15 seats. That’S what they’re thinking about that’s all! They need you’ll, absolutely find a reason to head back to the poles. Soon, as he thinks he can get it, the Liberals know that the NDP is weakened and broke as soon as elections. Canada stands at the party rebates in the spring. In the Liberals get their money. She will get ready to try to get his majority back and we know what he’ll be riding on a carbon tax. A higher carbon tax is that what Canada needs play. One region off against the other in this country will that create Prosperity, taking Firearms away from law-abiding farmers and Hunters are letting dangerous criminals off easy will that make Canada safer place? Now I see in the papers and some Talking Heads on TV, there are some Laurentian Elites. You want me to sign on to all of that. Second Liberal Party – and you may have heard some of these folks want me gone because they know I will never stand for that. They wanted to start supporting the carbon tax that the path to victory for the conservative party is for us to start supporting the carbon tax course not and under my leadership, are conservative party will always fight the carbon tax. Ladies and gentle, it’s bad policy is the only difference between us and them will be the color of our signs. Do you want a conservative party that starts apologizing for a nap resources? Do you want a prime minister and a conservative party that Champions Alberta’s oil and gas and believes the world needs more of it? Thank you and all those people who are calling us and for us to to make these fundamental changes in our party. What they don’t seem to is that, for Canada to fry Alberta must Thrive CBC, that’s part of their hole. I don’t even have to ask you what you think about that one. Now all these people, they think that they can turn our April convention into an internal fight. They think this because, let’s be honest, conservative we’ve done this to ourselves before when we focus on our differences instead of our common goals and our vision for a strong and United can are. We have snatched Victory from ourselves in the past, but I have met with conservatives right across this country, and I know that that what are convention is going to be about it’s going to be a convention. We’Re conservatives of every stripe come together and, like we always do when we work together, we are going to come up with some big ideas: Canada, Canada, where Alberta and the rest and the West can Thrive with the provinces of this nation, lift each other up. Instead of holding each other down, a strong United conservative party is going to accomplish now the reason Trudeau lost his majority, it’s because of the people in this room who works so hard. You knocked on doors, you pounded in signs hundreds of thousands of dollars and you sent that to help elect conservatives in every region in this country, and I want to thank you cuz. I know the hard-earned money that you raised is not easy, and a time like this and sending it to ridings across country means so much to our conservative movement and folks when we think we are alone. Let’S remember those facts. Millions of people in Quebec and Ontario voted conservative. The problem isn’t Canada. The problem is Justin, Trudeau, ladies and tell him. We are here today in the heartland of the conservative movement, but we have friends in all regions of this country. In 2015, Atlantic Canada, we lost every single seat. In this election we made major inroads and won several key seats in British Columbia. We proved everyone wrong and added more seats than we had. It is crucial that the conservative party is United, because only a United conservative party can keep this country together. Ours is the only party with elected members representing every region of this country and when Canada is United, the opportunities are endless and our full potential will be realized. Conservatives conservatives have a proud history of being Nation Builders to Johnny McDonald built the Confederation on the dream of a national railroad. A divided Canada makes those KY Big Ideas and possible, and modern conservatives aren’t afraid of bold ideas that bring our country together either until the next election, no matter how soon that comes, we are fighting for you with everything we have and not just our Alberta and Peace Jardell tell from Quebec he’s fighting for you to peer polliver in auditorio. He’S fighting for you to John Williamson in New Brunswick is fighting for a west-to-east pipeline Eastern refineries, elected 33, strong and peas, from Alberta to speak for you in Ottawa, and we have a team of 102 31 strong conservatives that will never stop fighting for Alberta and They will never stop fighting for Canada, so finger Kenny. I know the people in this room right across this province have got your back as you do. What needs to be done? I want you to know that y’all. I want you to know that your Alberta conservative in peace and the Conservative Party of Canada – and I we have your back to work. I don’t want to take this opportunity to personally. Thank you. I want to thank you for all. You did to support a change of government nationally. You’Ve been working so hard to make fun of change, is here in Alberta, but you haven’t lost sight of the need to make fundamental changes for our whole country as well. You have been an example for all of us in the conservative movement tireless advocate for these strong principles, the changes that have brought to this promise. You can feel it every time I come back here ever since the last provincial election. You can see the hope and optimism is coming back, and that is thanks to your hard work and your dedication to this province and to the things you believe in. I want to thank you and I want to let you know we’re not going to let you down, cuz. We are going to fight we’re going to use our stronger position to keep the fight to repeal bill c-69. We’Re going to keep fighting to Champion Western Canadian energy in Ontario need Western, Canadian Oil and Western, and we are going to make sure that this current level of government gives Alberta a fair deal. Our country’s potential is as fast as the distance between first we’ve brought people together from all walks of life from all around the world, in pursuit of something bigger than ourselves. Building a peaceful, prosperous country that offer is opportunity to all who seek it. These are the things that I am going to fight for. Some people ask: why am I still fighting? Why don’t I just give up, because I can’t – and I won’t because Justin Trudeau, Trudeau, isn’t stopping his fight for his version of Canada. So neither will I because if Justin Trudeau and his friends get their wave will no longer be the country we know on love and if his allies managed to tear our party apart that we may never get it back Burns Alberta, you never quit when it gets Tough across the country won’t quit. Conservatives across the country won’t quit we’re going to keep fighting for all of you, I’m going to keep fighting for Canada and keep fighting for Elberta keep the fight for the conservative movement all across this country, so Alberta, conservatives, conservatives across the country are watching tonight’s. Are you ready to fight Justin, Trudeau again, my work starts today and we’re going to finish the job, the next election and deliver for Canada, a conservative government that puts People’s First and heals our country unites our country of prosperity. So much, ladies and gentlemen, thank you. Premier Kenny, it’s always such a pleasure to be in Alberta and it’s, however, thank you.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer delivers a keynote address at United Conservative Party annual general meeting in Calgary.

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