“An erosion of human rights”: Pallister on Quebec’s Bill 21

By | December 10, 2019

“An erosion of human rights”: Pallister on Quebec’s Bill 21
“An erosion of human rights”: Pallister on Quebec’s Bill 21
Don’T even now is the Manitoba Premier, Brian pallister, a 10 before we get to all the politics I’ll say it. Congratulations to your Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Well done! Thank you very much. We’Re really proud to have ended that 7 and really excited about next year season and hanging on to this Cop 2. Keep the Winnipeg Jets star, Dustin Byfuglien happy. What is your response to his diss back at you? I would disagree with your Preamble in reference to the word nasty. I would say this is an honest exchange about an important issue. Human rights are the Canadians. When we see rights eroded, we stand up and say something here in Manitoba, and I hope fellow Canadians, including quebecers, would say the same in Quebec is too strong for Bill like this. Don’T like this, and I think that it is a danger in an intrusion of human rights that we should all be concerned about when you guys meet face-to-face. Are you going to? Are you going to lay into him about your concerns at all? Disrespectful of Premier League goal, we agree on many many things and we’ll be I’m sure, a having good discussions about a number of issues on this. We have agreed to disagree and manitobans expect us to stand human rights. Canada never stands taller than one when it does, and I believe the Canadians will defend the rights of others, even though they made themselves may not be directly impacted. They understand that there are people in minorities Galatians who are going to be very much disadvantaged by this kind of legislation that I don’t think that they want me to be quiet about it or anyone else. I would hope that Canadians would understand that you know saying, while I want to have a more trade with Quebec, isn’t as important as saying I want quebecers to be free to exercise their freedoms as we should all be free to do. Do you think that the federal government I mean the federal government who said you were leaving the option open whether or not we will challenge this law in court? Do you think they should be a little more outspoken because they’ve called it legislative discrimination? Do you think they oughta now just bite the bullet and challenged in court? I would say that when people’s rights are endangered, they don’t need someone saying I’ll help you later, you know eventually in due course. After the person has lost their rights, I would say they need help now. That is why we’re standing up and saying, by way of the unanimous resolution of the Manitoba legislative assembly, by way of this advertising effort, we’re saying frankly, we just don’t believe this is healthier. Good for Canada’s reputation, quite frankly, your meeting Premier tomorrow, but you got to send a message to the federal government. I just want to be clear or when you say they shouldn’t wait when the right to remove you’re saying the government is, is being too timid. I’Ll mess you would suggest if you like this, don’t delay challenges in court now, I’m just I want to make sure I’m reading your mail correctly hear clearly on this issue. I would like the choice to be made by other elected officials, weather federally or provincially to be that they reviews on the issue, I’m not prejudging what their views – maybe obviously the Quebec Premier things differently than I he says it’s a popular measure. I think it’s a dangerous measure, we agree to disagree and I respect them like the premier, but I do not like this legislate proposal. I do not think it is a good thing and I would hope others would stand up and say what they think if they think it’s a great thing say it make your arguments, but you got to do better than Dustin Byfuglien are going to persuade anybody who’s. Thinking about human rights all on the table tomorrow, what’s your take on this Western alienation? It’S gained a lot of steam and Jason Kenny has been one of the chief voice is talking about that believe that he has been dealing with that in a responsible manner or a reckless manner. I have a lot of time for the Grievances of Western Canadians. We have some of them here too, and certainly ardenton enthusiastic advocates for the concerns of the provinces, and I respect him for doing that that that I believe is important and the federal government has a chance to respond. I know the appointment of Christopher, for example, has been met. I think was real optimism by certain By Myself & I I would expect by the other premiers as well, who worked with her on trade files in the past. So I think, there’s room for some hope and optimism here, but no I would not. The decisions are actions of my fellow premiers is reckless, except, of course, in the case of Bill 21 in Quebec, where I have to draw the line, you think he can and should continue as a conservative leader, or does he need to make changes? I think that the members of the conservative party have a decision to make. I think that the process is one that allows input from the Grassroots conservative party, which I think is certainly healthy and good. I support that processed. As far as Andrews decisions Andrew made the decision tender Public public life out of a desire to serve as a desire to serve now – and you know, choices are his choices, but I would, I would say, the conservative supporters in the country Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy, if you’ve got some old rivalries to clear up, do it privately, don’t do it in front of a camera, because that isn’t going to help the conservative movement in the country at all would help the country frankly. So I’d encourage Andrew Scheer and my fellow Federal Representatives, some of them I’ve already him personally to stick to their knitting. They were hired to be the opposition. Do the job of being mean vision and focus on building your case, one in the next federal election comes around and whatever way you can but don’t start picking at each other. Circling the wagons and shooting in is never a good strategy. Are people are looking around with Brian pallister ever consider running as the leader of the federal Conservative Party of Canada been there done that in the 1990s I was the campaign, hopeless campaigner, for you. What are the factions around the country suffering injuries and 10 ft poles hitting me from both sides? You know I’m I’m in the job that I want and the job manitobans hired me to do and I’m proud to do it and I’m honored to do it. Brian pallister, who will be joining other previous tomorrow, great to have you back on the probe?
Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister discusses his province’s ads targeting Quebec workers over the controversial Bill 21.

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