Americans evacuated from cruise ship in Japan arrive in U.S.

By | February 17, 2020

Americans evacuated from cruise ship in Japan arrive in U.S.
Americans evacuated from cruise ship in Japan arrive in U.S.
We be getting this morning with the latest on the deadly Corona virus outbreak. Hundreds of Americans are under quarantine this morning, after landing at military bases in California and Texas. Debra alfarone joins us now from Capitol Hill with more Deborah. What do we know about the evacuees? We know that 14 more people have been diagnosed with coronaviruses canceles at leaving the cruise ship and getting on the plane, so those people were kept in a separate area contained on the plane, as they came here and now they’re all in the u.

s. u. s. citizens aboard The Diamond Princess touchdown in Northern California overnight Bound for Travis Air Force Base. The cruise ship is a side of the largest Corona virus outbreak outside of China. It’S been docked in Tokyo’s Harbor since February 5th, with all on board, under a quarantine order. Yesterday, its American passengers were offered a way out airplanes and now that’s a good picture, pretty miserable wearing his mask, so those Travelers aren’t home free. Yet they already spent nearly two weeks in quarantine, but they’ll have to wait a while longer to reunite with their families and friends back to the United States.

Importantly, the seals subjected to a 14-day quarantine and the reason for that is that the degree of transmissibility on that cruise ship is essentially a kin to being in a hotspot down passengers from another Cruise liner, the westerdam after they disembarked in Cambodia Friday. One of them and 83 year-old American woman tested positive for the Coronavirus, some relief for the people that got off the ship, but then a ton of anxiety on that flight, where people did have the coronavirus cut for those hundreds of passengers.

What’S next on the ship, looking for 14 days, no matter what? Now, if you are a part of the group of people who did test positive, but again they didn’t test positive until just now, so they were on the ship. They didn’t test positive, then now, when they get on the plane there testing, if you’re part of that group of people you’re going to be quarantined as well and you’re going to get some medical care, but you’re going to be taken off base the rest of the People will be quarantined on base for 14 days, so, while they are here in the US, they’re not reunited with loved ones just yet it sounds like they’re not out of the woods just yet Deborah alfarone.

Thank you very much.
Hundreds of Americans are back in the U.S. after they were evacuated from a cruise ship in Japan, the site of the largest coronavirus outbreak outside of China. The Americans will be under quarantine for two weeks after landing at military bases in California and Texas. CBS News correspondent Debra Alfarone joined “CBSN AM” from Capitol Hill in Washington with more.

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