Algerians mark one year of protests with fresh demonstrations

By | February 17, 2020

Algerians mark one year of protests with fresh demonstrations
Algerians mark one year of protests with fresh demonstrations
Hello over on welcome to eye on Africa. Here are your headlines on this Friday. For the 50 second consecutive week, thousands of algerians have taken to the streets to call for a complete overhaul of the ruling Elite and end the corruption and the Army’s withdrawal from politics. It’S been a year since the protest movement begin will take a look back at the hitalk coming up the commission looking into the bloody attack on protesters in Sudan last year, finished Gathering evidence from Witnesses.

More than a hundred people were killed when Security Forces opened fire on a sit-in in cartoon last June, and 7th edition of the Kinshasa Book Festival kicked off this Friday with y shops. Debates and conference is taking place in the coming days, but access to books remains difficult in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with some people investing in new technologies to help bridge the gap. First, it is the 52nd consecutive Friday were tens of thousands. Sometimes millions of algerians have taken to the streets to demonstrate against what they say is a tired and obsolete political regime.

Since last February, at president resigned, there were calls for the entire political class be removed and army General ruled the country before dying of a heart attack and a new president was elected. James Vezina takes a look back at the past 52 weeks. A peaceful and momentous protests in Algeria, 52 weeks of protests and Counting what began is annunciate government demonstration soon turns into an upsurge against the ruling Elite at the center of the unrest. Former president, after Ulysses, Bluetooth speaker attention to run 4/5 mandates across the country.

First Friday, in a row, that’s just held the first Victory. Two steps down since 1999, Algerian State puts the senior figures thumbs up our authorities, arrest and imprison. Several heads from the former president’s Entourage, including powerful businessman, politicians and his brother MR2 unsuccessful attempts against the protest, is, Will Geer? Is it cool to the ballot boxes? On the 12th of December types of 58.15 % of the vote, they believe zombie cheats on missguided Cela is attempting to retain.

The current system in place has a puppet. We came out to say that there is no president and this protest movement will not stop. The politicians, don’t represent The Chosen the wrong president and we aren’t going to step back. A chief guide, solid, died of a heart attack and you present a bun set up a commission to amend the country’s Constitution. What’S the parliaments and the Judiciary by pardoning several thousands of prisoners attempting to seek dialogue with the testers in Sudan? The commission, looking into the bloody attack on protesters calling for a hand over to civilian power last year, has finished Gathering evidence from Witnesses.

Those who wished to test, if I had one month to share what they saw that day or France 24 reporters Italy, libertarian than just this report, gather to honor those killed during the car to Massacre. When soldiers opened fire to break up the sit-in in front of military headquarters, sins of others were raped. Civilian authorities opened an inquiry into the abuses. This man is sharing what he saw with investigators, the testimony for God and 4S for myself for my Consciousness and for the people who lost their kids, who lost their families.

Many are afraid, they’ll be targeted for what they have to say. The sensitive evidence is being collected Behind These Gates. Indications doesn’t give me the photos, yet I’m still investigating looking for a different part of the jigsaw. I would like this researcher some doubt it’s impartial. Also, I’m a member from the security agencies. The transition government has promised Justice the protesters, but in Khartoum many fear they’ll, never see it. 34 hours in Molly 21 civilians were killed in an overnight attack on a village in the heart of the country.

According to the Village Chief 730 gunman carried out this attack. It happened in Wasaga Village, mainly inhabited by Fulani people, 160 were killed in a massacre last March and in a separate attack a soldiers were killed when they were ambushed in the in the gal region of Central Mali. In the statement, the Army said that, for others have been injured and the group also sustained material damage. Egypt has confirmed its first case of the coronavirus. That is also the first case in Africa. According to a statement, person diagnosed is a foreigner and has not shown any symptoms.

The health Ministry says it immediately informed World Health Organization and took all necessary preventative measures. The patient is currently in isolation at one of Egypt’s hospitals mean all the government of Uganda has said. It would cost too much money to bring home students stranded in the city of Wuhan in China, but it has said it would send $ 61,000 in financial assistance to help them out. 105. Students were in the city when the Chinese government made the decision to lock it down to stop.

The spread of the Coronavirus have been complaining that they are running out of money, food and protective face masks. South Africa’s Northern Kalahari region is known for its dry climate, but Extreme drought in recent months has kill how many animals are affected. Tourism leading the South African government to declare a state of natural disaster in the region has the story of dead animals. The manager of his private reserve says he’s lost more than 1,000 animals in less than a year. This is because of an extreme drought.

The average rainfall has plummeted and the reserve is had to cancel all Safari reservations. Job. Play Sola bookings on hold record book, a guy coming from overseas heading the Safari feeling and trying to give him the base, if I ever had, but the animal that you are very skinny and he’s dying. Usually this employee locates animatronics for tourists now he picks up caucuses and feeds the animals that are still alive, no tourists, so that means no tips and less money. At the end of the month, I needed to borrow money this year just to buy my children school books.

Before I had the money. Things are much worse than before. Fifty-Two-Year-Old farmers never seen such a drought, animals already suffering. We have lost many animals, everything else either. . We had them. The South African government has state of natural disaster in the northern Cape Province April, release 18 million euros. That locals here say that’s far from enough miscible event in the DRC is cultural scene. V, 7th edition of the Kinshasa Book Festival open this Friday, planned activities include workshops, debates and conference is to promote African and francophone literature.

However, access to books remains difficult for many, Dr Congo, as our correspondence Kim O’Boyle, Andrea Dubois, explained in this report, located in a popular neighborhood. Bookstore is an unusual size in Dr Congo. It’S going to be book shops in the city and one of the few to sell second-hand items everything from Europe, because the DLC doesn’t print any books thousand book. When we have enough, we ship them in a container 1st from Brussels to Antwerp and then all the way to Metate each container cost between 6500 and 7000.

Continental transport costs are the main reason why book so so expensive in the DRC. Around 5 US dollars for used copy, it’s cheaper than buying you, but it remains answer for each form. Any access to books, GQ even libraries, are far from working-class neighborhoods to improve access time. I have invested in you Technologies by making thousands of ebooks available to that subscribers novels comic books, albums with books and read them online from the comfort of their own home, a reading culture, Young author and reading club back in October.

The first of its kind in the DLC I find answers to my problems to encourage, reading and break stereotypes, skip certain type of food if you’ve never tasted it.
For the 52nd consecutive week, thousands of Algerians have taken to the streets to call for a complete overhaul of the ruling elite. It’s been a year since the protest movement began. Also, the commission looking into the bloody attack on protesters in Sudan last year has finished gathering evidence from witnesses. More than a hundred people were killed when security forces opened fire on a sit-in in Khartoum last June. And the seventh edition of the Kinshasa Book Festival kicks off this Friday, but access to books remains difficult in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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