Alanis Morissette-inspired Jagged Little Pill musical premieres on Broadway

By | December 10, 2019

Alanis Morissette-inspired Jagged Little Pill musical premieres on Broadway
Alanis Morissette-inspired Jagged Little Pill musical premieres on Broadway
Do you know that and the music of Alanis Morissette you want to know it has come to life? It has moved from her album Jagged Little Pill to a Broadway musical and the debut of the Premier was last night. A play. Storyline found the music that she released in that 1995 album one of the best selling albums ever in Canada, 33 million copies and the premier last night I had of the 25th anniversary, so are Steven turn on the red carpet and has more from New York musical Jagged Little Pill tell us the story of the Suburban family going through a number of issues, including the me-too movement, school shootings, sexual assault and opioid addiction. How to transfer talk to Atlantis earlier, and she said that this is something that, when she was writing this informal heard of 25 years ago, she never thought would happen. No, no idea. If I sat down with Lori and Tom kid who do the music about 8 years ago here in New York – and they ran the idea up the flagpole – and I thought I’d be into that – and maybe you know where to find Zion Politics on kid and Lori To choreograph, and once it with the team, I was so excited over the years. She was approached about turning the album into a musical, but you wanted to make sure she approached it in the right way. Here’S what you have to say about that took my time. I met some really incredible writers along the way and until it was a big giant, yes, we just kept going and instead we really a bunch of thinking and very, very patient. Let’S Diablo Cody Zion Tolleson the whole team. The album is an absolute phenomenon and I knew all the songs, and so it was not. I had to discover to write the show. You know I kind of knew it. You know when people talk about what that album enter them. They don’t just say like it was a great record, my favorite, album of all time. They say that record saved. My life record pulled me through it. It’S that records pulled me through a difficult divorce. Do you know that’s what people say about Jagged Little Pill and I wanted to honor that the show is already getting rave reviews, including from The New York Times and next year. The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Jagged Little includes the release of Atlanta’s first album. Since 2012, as well as a 31 Dayton North American tour, Stephen desouza, CBC News, New York,
A Broadway musical based on Alanis Morissette’s 1995 album Jagged Little Pill premiered Thursday night ahead of the album’s 25th anniversary.

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