Al Sharpton: 2020 Democrats ‘All Need To Come Clean’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

By | February 16, 2020

Al Sharpton: 2020 Democrats ‘All Need To Come Clean’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Al Sharpton: 2020 Democrats ‘All Need To Come Clean’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Do you believe his apology? It came four days before he has to campaign for president. So there’s a lot of folks that are skeptical that it feels like a you know, looks like what it is, which is a a flip to prepare to try to run play. The apology at that a church in Brooklyn got in the car and called me, and I told him one speech is not going to solve this. What I believe it or not, he really doesn’t matter. One speech is not going to solve the 3 4 days later. He announces, I think that he’s got to prove it only thing that gives him an in a semblance of credibility is that the other candidates have to deal with their baggage as well, because you’re, isn’t, you have to come clean, interesting, eats trying to repent Michael Bloomberg’s, Trying to repent Joe Biden’s trying to repent how they doing I know I was wrong.

I should be forgiven, and this is what I’m going to do to make amends you in in my church, when you repent, you come down the aisle and confess you don’t start negotiating with God how it was. That’S sinful is Michael Bloomberg when your support deal with the people that will pain, understand it, and if you wants to set up some situation that he can help it when a criminal justice way deal with that, you have people that are still impacted by being thrown Up against the wall, some were charged with things at that dealt with the rest of their life.

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On Bloomberg’s apology about stop-and-frisk, Rev. Al Sharpton says that the only thing that gives Bloomberg “a semblance of credibility” is that every other candidate has their “baggage” as well. Aired on 02/14/20.
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Al Sharpton: 2020 Democrats ‘All Need To Come Clean’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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