Akon: ‘I am trying to fulfil my passion musically’

By | December 10, 2019

Akon: ‘I am trying to fulfil my passion musically’
Akon: ‘I am trying to fulfil my passion musically’
Go to the unknown card, one of the words hip hop Superstars welcome to Paris. So how does it feel for you, I’m back in the city? Has it got a very special place in your heart? I just wish the weather was better I’d like to see more sun coming here, but it’s definitely special place because a lot of my neighbors liquor and I definitely think that it’s the Cornerstone of breaking anything entertainment. So it’s no way you can do anything entertainmentwise without coming through Paris Bureau. Can you play currently releasing mini albums with a different entrance African American Latino and pop international pop? So my question is: who trying to take over the world? Mr Akon, I wouldn’t say, take over the world, but I am trying to fulfill my passion, musically cuz. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. You know I wanted to put out multiple albums, multiple genres and, at the same time, cuz. I noticed that most times every Silo is kind of you know, separated hip-hop people don’t even listen to Latin Latin over to listen to Applebee. So it was always things where, if I put out different genres to every audience that I can mark it to that audience whatever that genre is and the album’s wouldn’t interrupt each other and know, but I think it before when I wanted to do it. The the we can say the platform’s wasn’t mature enough. It wasn’t possible, but now today, with all the new generation developments in Uno advantages as far as creating the platforms to work, it actually works to be able to do that now at one of these albums and the grito blending Reggaeton with Moringa and many other styles. So can you tell us more about this concept? El Amigo always wanted to do that. Like since the beginning of my career, you notice that all my songs always had Latin remixes. If you listen to him and all the way down to the first record locked up, you know how to hack both you and then I want to love. You had think about that all stop the new Danza Kuduro with Don Omar. You know so it just continued going on with other through the you know, all up to you, so these kind of collaboration always with me always with you know, what’s right next to a hit record that I released shortly so this time I want to do a Whole album and that market cuz everyone was wondering if I was going to happen to Aladdin album in the Latin community, so I figured I had to do it. Your label is dedicated to African readings African music, so it was important for you to give an opportunity for the new generation of your car for an artist to have a visibility know. Definitely I mean the whole idea was doing that. The opportunity to be able to give my local Africans D platform to put music out and have it promote it properly with the system that understand the culture that was one of the biggest things cuz now afrobeat is starting to become the wave, but I Stay. I think there’s a lot of big misdirection when you don’t have the proper system setup that defines African culture along with the music, and I think this is going to be a system that can set up for Direct aesthetic music was to bring people together. You know we understand. Coaches, the music we party together through music. We deal with our triumphs to deal with Wars: ordeal do peas, everything all came through music, a lot of times when issue of conflict music is the one thing that bring everybody together or when there’s something to celebrate. Music is utilized to bring people together and celebrate. So I always feel like I’m weak and take all the genres mixing together. It will bring people together to educate each other about each other’s culture. A lot of many activities, I’m talking about philanthropic activities, such as a writing project that aims to reconnect with African premium, provide energy how to African people electricity through a solar energy, so you started in 2014. So what stage are you at man has also graduated into the u.s. yeah so where now first and only African-American solar providers – company in America, that’s doing it on the level of the big utility companies. So we work from Africa as a philanthropy donated lights all throughout the villages, with a because electrons that’s over by a friend of mine in summer, and then surely we branched off to treat a utility Bread Company where you actually utilize solar through most most Villages. That’S a prepaid system where you prepaid energy, so weird build a system in a weird after that system also went to the US cryptocurrencies and making money. That’S your vision is to create a currency that’s table for Africa because we have a human population. That’S the resource mainly because I think I’ll human resource is the one thing that Africans take for granted. I mean world me what billion people Plus in Africa so for us to have over a billion people and have multiple resources that service every other country is no way that we are not in a position to be able to build off. You know our economy, so my goal: wasn’t we can find a stable currency that runs through all the African that’s controlled by the population. Then we can utilize those resources to Advantage and that’s how we became okay. We know that you are deeply rooted with your family and you are African West African Heritage. What do you think about this? Going back experience from the diaspora initiated by Ghana? I think it’s super important. I think it’s on. It was necessary, and I think God it was a good place to do it. Cuz God is going to burst and you know – and they speak English there and let you know what the engagement to the international market. You got to be able to speak English and I think a lot of he’s like that source of abogada is in a place where is Uno’s. Non-Conflict is very safe and it’s a friendly area and is growing really really fast, developing very very fast, and the youth over there in the diaspora got a very active so there pushing all these festivals coming into Ghana. All these events coming in to Ghana and that’s how you bring tourism because one people feel like they can come, have fun in your country, enjoy themselves bring their family and do it annually. It could be something really powerful, I think Honesty, every suit for many generations. You are an icon, your soul, of more evidence, 35-minute albums nominated many times at the Grammys. Would you say that the young little boy that you wear from Senegal to America has accomplished quiet all of his paintings so far? I think I have honestly believe I have you know if I die tomorrow being completely happy. I think everything that everything happens to me at this point, because I never thought at this point. I would even reach this far. You know so I’m super happy place on Earth from Eminem to Michael Jackson, special, the King of Pop amazing, Michael Jackson. I didn’t think I would be able to achieve it, but something of a hobby at that point, because I knew that you know my goal has been met. So what do I do now and that’s what I decide I want to build my legacy and going to Africa, help the infrastructure that and help to build my continent, but at the same time you realize that to unite the people. Music Choice going to have one Last question not question, but not least, are you running for the presidential election in the United States of America super 2020? I registered I put together my campaign team. I did everything ready to go and then I thought about it. If I run for president now at this age or be way too young to put on the record – and I know where the president I couldn’t put out another album – put up some albums first, get it all out of my system and then I’ll run for President. We know when I slow down and thank you very much.
He’s one of the world’s hip-hop superstars. Akon sat down with FRANCE 24’s Amobé Mévégué to talk about the release of not one, not two, but three new albums. The author of the 2005 hit single “Lonely” is now trying out different styles. Whether it’s hip-hop, latino or pop music, Akon says he doesn’t want to be limited to one musical genre.

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