Airbus speaks to France 24 about record sales, financial losses

By | February 14, 2020

Airbus speaks to France 24 about record sales, financial losses
Airbus speaks to France 24 about record sales, financial losses
Legal troubles for the new criminal charges, alleging racketeering and a decades-long trade secrets from American companies, the new indictment names of Huawei and several of its subsidiaries, as well as Chief Financial Officer men, one Zoo she’s, currently under house arrest in Canada and facing possible extradition to The US last year, while it accused of stealing Trade Secrets From carrier T-Mobile, the Trump Administration has effectively banned Huawei technology in the US and is encouraged allies not to allow the firm of role in the upcoming a 5th generation or 5G mobile networks.

Washington always ties with the Chinese government owes a security risk to charge both the company and Beijing deny on Thursday. Meanwhile, the French Finance Minister confirm that, while I would not be excluded from from supplying 5G equipment here, but like the UK hose restrictions to protect consumers, the city of Barcelona is counting the cost of Wednesday’s decision to cancel the Mobile World Congress. Because of concerns about the Corona virus outbreak, the event had been expected to pump nearly 500 million the local economy.

Millions more will be lost in canceling the exhibition space and reinforcing entry tickets, dozens of Major Brands, including Sony and Facebook. It said they wouldn’t be attending to Shield their employees from the potential risk of international travel. Organisers have defended their decision and said they would not compensate companies or participants were left hanging on the the insurance policies. Clearly, there is a very there’s, no way that you can ensure yourself out of air force majeure situation, giant Airbus overtook its American rival Boeing last year at the world number one plane make, but the company also faced its own Financial challenges as Alison Sergeant explains.

In many ways, 2019 was a great year for Airbus. Its revenues Rose by 11 % to 70.5 billion euros, and the company delivered a record 863 Jets. Still with all accounts settled, Airbus saw a net loss of 1.36 billion euros. The company’s CEO told France 20, for it was a year of contrast and American legal authorities for their investigations. Third-Party agents to bribe a public officials from over a dozen countries to buy its planes and satellites 3.6 billion Euro settlement was the main hit to the company’s bottom line, but Airbus also lost 1.2 billion euros on its military transport plane.

The a400m. We haven’t really succeeded in selling it are we not allowed to sell it to certain countries like Saudi Arabia, over at 737, Max Jordan really humble and concentrate on managing our own destiny and delivering very strong products at very attractive prices, going forward, break another record and Deliver 880 new planes when other major challenge the aviation industry is reducing carbon emissions. Environmental activist increase pressure on passengers and providers alike are porter Chris Baughman for that are buses Chief Financial Officer.

We can contribute a lot to decarbonise traffic. There is still a lot of fuel Gosling aircraft are there, which would be replaced to come to better efficiency on top of that Investments. Indeed, government of green technologies has huge, I mean spend, is Way Beyond 2 billion chunk of that is trying to evade as you to, and from that perspective I think we’re on the case and it’s clear that Abbas wants to be the leader in the field trading Action Now currency markets seem to have welcomed the appointment of Rishi sunak, as the UK’s new Finance Minister he’ll be presenting the first post brexit Budget on March 11th.

As you can see, the pound has risen fairly sharply this afternoon trading at about $ 1 Euro 2018. On his supporting an increase in government spending right across the board for the major European indices, companies listed, there usually make more money when the British currency is weaker. Airbus shares dropped, 3 % in Paris and account closed slightly down Wall Street turn down earlier on. In the session, Tesla Shares are up about 5 %. I hope to raise two billion dollars with a new stock, offering the organization for economic cooperation and development says that governments around the world could net up to a hundred million dollars by rewriting Global corporate tax laws.

Abcd is facilitating discussions on International framework to text Tech giants like Google Apple Facebook in Amazon. Some countries, like France, have booked ahead with unilateral measures sparking trade disputes with the Trump administration witchblades US companies are being Valley, targeted recipe for Steven carels and speaking to a San Gabriel zucman about the problem. What can we do to bed after? I asked you know these, these big giant, that shift profits to a of short, but the main problem was a French approach.

Was they was too specific? That’S was only targeted to one sector of the economy with digital Industries and he ignored the fact that a profit shifting to text Haven stats is an across-the-board phenomenon is true or so, for the financial industry, the pharmaceutical industry. So then he paved the way for Donald Trump to say or your friends is attacking the us, because it turns out that the digital industry is dominated by with companies, and so that was a problem with a French approach.

Airbus sold a record-breaking number of planes in 2019, and its biggest rival, Boeing, is mired in a series of safety scandals. So why did it report €1.3bn in losses last year? CEO Guillaume Faury and CFO Dominik Asam speak to France 24 about the figures and the challenges ahead. Also in the show – Huawei faces new legal charges in the US, and Barcelona deals with the aftermath of the decision to cancel the Mobile World Congress. 

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