Africa Weekly 14/02/2020 | AFP

By | February 16, 2020

Africa Weekly 14/02/2020 | AFP
Africa Weekly 14/02/2020 | AFP
This week on Africa weekly regards to some foreign Northwest in Nigeria with local systems in the text, messages have reached a peace deal to end Decades of conflict. Then we had to Ethiopia by the government’s efforts to promote the manufacturing sector. Three cheap labor, a failing as a nation’s use, a choosing not to Welcome to the tough conditions. First, let’s take a look at the headlines from around the continent this week, so done this week agreed to handle the ex-president Omar al-Bashir to the international criminal court, but his role in alleged war crimes in the Darfur region they share is attained in his country.

After being convicted of corruption and allegation that he denies wanted by the ICC, he evaded arrest for more than 10 years, meme 10 months after his ousting acute shortages of Fred fuel in foreign currency continue. There is no accountability. We hear about the smuggling of bread, gasoline and everything else. However, we never hear that any of Smugglers were hanged or trait. What are country has witnessed from shortages in supplies and high prices? It’S just a c in the reflects the miserable economic situation that, if he’d inherited from the error of Destruction, anode rod with them are African nation’s economy remains in shambles of the years of unrest and the secession of South Sudan.

In 2011, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited goree Island in Notorious slave trading post that sent countless Africans overseas during the transatlantic slave trade of the pause. We must continue to reflect on these in order to build a more Jasmine future Senegalese president Macky Sall defended his countries ban on same-sex activity so set the West African States is reflected its cultural norms and that Senegalese citizens would reject legalizing. Homosexuality is Senegal’s reputation as a beacon of stability in an oven turbulence, region saying that there’s always more work to be done.

Canyons gathered among the country’s longest-serving leader, the uncompromising Daniel Eric morning at the state funeral after week of morning, leaders had praise and criticism for the man who taught whatever National politics for over two decades. That is all take comfort in the fact that President Daniel to write each other more, he leaves behind a legacy of good that will transcend the generations. I know the victim’s, but he was so so forgiving giving free days before the funeral when many key to pay their last respects.

Moyer, who rules the country to 24 years Garden, 4th of February 8th 95 at least 30 people were killed and dozens of women and children abducted in a jihadist rate in Northern Nigeria is Boehner State. The attack took place in the village of owner along a main highway to what the Regents Capital mandatory. We were just sitting in the front seat of the car and unexpectedly we had them shouting Allahu, Akbar God is great and they first killed the lady in the front seat of the car. Then we started running away.

The jihadists have not been today a rival factions with one root remaining faithful to book around the other has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. The Malian Army has returned to the northern town of Gadot, where it was driven out by turmeric separatist 6 years ago. Around 300 troops rolled into the former Rebel Bastion on the UNS gold, an occupied the military base, the town became a symbol of the government’s failure to control parts of the country as it battles of jihadist uprising.

We are grateful for all the efforts at the Malian government has made in order for the Armed Forces to return to get out in peace and tranquility and Weston St so as not to provoke any incidents. 2015 peace deal allows the mall in government to tentacled all, but the strategy is implemented was only agreed on a few weeks ago, South Africans line the streets of Johannesburg to celebrate the zucchini tunze, the current Miss Universe, who is crowned in December since he told the Streets in an open-top bust sporting, her Miss Universe, Sash and the show natural afro hairstyle, which is inspired.

Many young black women across the world College to see someone who is Miss Universe, who is in her natural States and presents himself as a natural salt, was the first Miss Universe in history to win wearing shoot, afro and beats 90 other texting from around the world. For the title in this local government office in Northwest Nigeria, local farmers organize intestines militias are cautiously laying down their arms. After years of spiraling conflicts over land and resources between native farmers and Fulani Atlas, theaters, a fragile peace still appears to have been reached in exchange vending hostilities, local authorities in the region.

I promise new employment opportunities for the militia Mendes and the circle to Lonnie. Bandits Nia months ago, Hassan, was a wanted man. For 8 years he led a force of over a thousand Sokol Dundas camping out in planning rates from the Region’s dense forests. He insists that he only got involved as a matter of self since they set fire to my Village and killed my parents. Were we supposed to do just wait and let them Fiona taking us, but he and many of his Fighters have now handed in their weapons under the government’s amnesty program.

Hassan has already seen improvements. They stay the existence. You never would have seen me here. I was living in the bush with my men today, the different communities coexist and I can move around freely. The conflict in crisis, with many thousands of people fleeing the home to escape the Rays and getting out things with the violence play showing no signs of abating us up for the internally displaced, have swollen lost your loan as many as 40,000. People also sought refuge in neighboring Nisha in light of the New Deal Authority.

Is it now encouraging people to leave the camps, but not everyone is convinced. I love my Village because of these Bandits. I will never be able to return home even if they have left the big cities they are still in the bush. They terrorized us keep a hold of some of their old weapons. They still fear that hostilities may want a return Wednesday mansory, who landed a job at a textile Factory, Ethiopia. He thought he had won a ticket to a better life, but just months later he resigned.

It was very difficult. I suffered a lot of this company. We will mate long hours for loss herbal salary of these conditions. After of many more workers feeding a growing disenchantment with the country drive toward industrialization, just 23-years 2-month textile workers in Ethiopia are among the worst paid in the world at the Hawaii cir industrial park. With him and Factory was based the stuff done as a race in 2017 to 2018 rally straight far from 100 %, but the rock Boston weight is a flight to Ethiopia becoming a prime destination for International clothing brands.

Looking for cheaper labor foreign investment levels are now four times higher than they were five years ago, the government considered the development of Thee to be a vital source of new jobs. If wages, hi investment doesn’t come, not new employment is going to be created and many manufacturing bosses with the government’s approach. I never seen what we are getting. The support from many of the work is being swept up in Ethiopia, striped what industrialization come from rural and farming background, and so the concept of organizing into form of trade unions.

It’S taking a while to get off the ground, but things are gradually changing the new future. We stay beautiful name and this in Cedar Park, but it will take time for these unions to fully form and start exhausting serious influence and with youth unemployment still high in Ethiopia. Factories have no problem replacing eclectus.
This week on Africa Weekly, we go to Zamfara in northwestern Nigeria, where local citizens in defence militias have reached a peace deal to end decades of conflict. Then, we head to Ethiopia, where the government’s efforts are failing to create jobs and prop up the manufacturing sector. We also take a look at the headlines from around the continent this week.

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