‘Afghanistan Papers’ reveal how US officials lied to public about winning the war

By | December 10, 2019

‘Afghanistan Papers’ reveal how US officials lied to public about winning the war
‘Afghanistan Papers’ reveal how US officials lied to public about winning the war
I’Ll turn your attention next International newspapers, Topeka, is with us on Saturday. I’M going to start with what the Washington Post is calling the Askin papers. Besides, we didn’t know what we were doing devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan. If Americans knew the magnitude of this function, these are just some of the statements he’s coming from a three-star Army General to government interviewers in 2015 about the war in Afghanistan. That’S being reported by the Washington who obtained this information under the Freedom of Information Act, the war in Afghanistan. The US has a longest ever running War, one of the most expensive to date, that costing about 1 trillion dollars, and what we discovered is that you were read about winning the war in Afghanistan. During his 18-year can paint it spent more money and spent more troops when it knew pregnant lady that it was losing that war worst of all of this reporter. That’S what were three talks about? How strategy skip changing so friends became foes and foes became friends to the point where field troops to a u.s. field? Trips from the good guy by the revelations being compared to the Vietnam War era, Pentagon Papers, everybody signs of a letter cost of ticket to the United Kingdom in their the prime minister, is facing a backlash over his reaction or maybe lack of reaction to a sick Boy by the war has erupted over the boy. On the Ane floor. That’S how I met the sweet paper puts it on its front page. So this was happening yesterday when a reporter asked Johnson to look at an image that had made the cover of the Daily Mirror yesterday. This is today’s Daily Mirror, but yesterday’s cover 4 year old boy, with suspected pneumonia lying on the hospital ER floor waiting for a bed, he was repeatedly asked what his reaction. What was to that image to which Boris Johnson took the reporters phone on pocketed? A very bizarre action, if you like here’s another picture, you don’t want to look at mr. Johnson. The Daily Mirror says today going with another picture this time of a sick baby left on a hospital chair for hours on end. That has a mean, to quote shame the Tories for carving the NHS, the National Health Services of cash on the agency’s decision to ban Russia from World competitions daily Russian cause of decision. The quote: sport of high humiliation, noting that athletes from Russia was given the most severe sanctions in history. The president of the Russian Olympic Committee, calling The Simpsons inappropriate and excessive. But if you look at the papers outside of Russia not allowed a lot of support for them. The French paper l’equipe today is jubilant that Russia, which it says quote, never stopped using the sport as a using sport as a tool of propaganda and cheating is red. With Rage of the spine columnist for the USA Today, whose decision by even though connect to this writer, lamenting, really that this system will not change as long as Olympic leaders quote, look like suckers without there being any real consequences to doping Mondays decision was a reminder That the real cost is the Olympic movement integrity ceremony, but it’s always a test of Trance to come for the New Year in television and film, and you know what really the one big thing that came out of this was that this is. This was the victory of streaming platforms. Netflix Netflix goes up against itself for three films in the Irishman, marriage story onto each dominating, both categories right now, Apple TV plus got nominations for it. Centerpiece show The Morning Show Hulu HBO, also getting not really the big message, gearing up to be the decade of the streaming platform, to the detriment of course, of broadcast TV. This is another absence. A lot of people are picking up on and it’s the lack of women and allow butter. The type of shows that made the cut, also pointing once again to the failure to reward a female creators, and it’s not because there was a lack of them. I mean Ava duvernay’s miniseries, that was on Netflix called when they see us was nominated times at the Emmys and yet didn’t get a single nomination at the Golden Globes. Are there no women directors in the in the best director category more a statement on the Globes itself with said this writer says, really shows the rapidly declining influence of award ceremonies on Poppy Hills, house right now or even slippers from hotels. It seems that the axe have been somewhat upgraded hotels. You know all the toiletries, okay, coffee teeth at okay, but you think most would draw the line at mattresses right. Well, as it turns out that Steve’s I mean we have to call them. Thieves now is gross with old ones from luxury to all of this really happening in luxury hotels. Does the new study that looks at the things people take from hotels in among them, people compared to have the rain effect? Another shower heads at TVs, iPads, artwork, coffee machines, Italians, prefer wine glasses, that’s Hotel, Souvenirs of the Swiss prefer hair dryers and the Dutch you’ll like this even like to take light bulbs and toilet paper very practical things, fine line between souvenirs and stealin, but clearly that Line is
IN THE PAPERS – Tuesday, December 10: The Washington Post’s Afghanistan Papers leak reveals in shocking detail just how consecutive US administrations lied to the public about winning the war. Also, we look at reactions to the World Cup and Olympic doping ban on Russia. Boris Johnson sparks anger over his bizarre reaction to a picture of a sick boy lying on a hospital floor while waiting for a bed. Also, Golden Globe nominations and a study showing just the things people will swipe from hotels these days!

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