‘A woman who never lost her spirit’: Lisa LaFlamme on Christie Blatchford

By | February 14, 2020

‘A woman who never lost her spirit’: Lisa LaFlamme on Christie Blatchford
‘A woman who never lost her spirit’: Lisa LaFlamme on Christie Blatchford
Has lost a giant in journalism, prolific columnist, Christie blatchford has died her career spanned nearly 5 decades, where she worked as a reporter and columnist at four major newspapers. Glassford was one of the first female sports columnist in America. She became known for her tanisha’s coverage of crime and politics. I want a governor General’s award for her book on her time covering the war in Afghanistan. Glassford have been undergoing treatment for lung cancer at at Toronto hospital. She died this morning at age of 68 ATV national news, Chief news, anchor and Senior editor at Lisa LaFlamme is in studio with us.

Now it would be nearly impossible to not know who she was when he worked in this industry, but you also knew her personally. What were your thoughts I’ll tell you since the, since we first learned that she was unwell, which she first Learned was during the federal election and she was getting off the bus to the liberal Boston. She sort of tripped a bit and she started feeling pain and more and she went to the doctor and then she said she couldn’t stand the taste of coffee and that’s when she knew this. Isn’T this isn’t a virus? This is an illness and she found out.

Then that she had cancer, but in fact the answer had already gone too far, and so that was only in October and we all thought I especially thought of anybody can fight this. It would be Christy and during just visits with her in the hospital over there. Last few months there was always that spark there. She was angry about the cancer she really wanted to fight this. There was so much more. She wanted to do. S*** she was planning on a big, a murder, trial and Ottowa that she was going to be covering all of these.

Then we always talked about the news of the day right up until the end of this is a woman who never lost her spirit, her tumor and her her fight for getting the truth out. Alright, Until the End honestly – and I think I just can’t even find the words to describe what we have lost in this country – you know it’s coming she’s, so she was so fierce in her profession. I remember being afraid when I first first, I think we all are very first time at a story and I think I was definitely afraid of Christie blatchford and then I have the.

Where do I use the Good Fortune to be with her in Afghanistan? The first time and then subsequently many times and that’s where we became friends, really your your. We were outside the wire for two weeks at a time, and I remember one time we had another shower of being able to wash her hair and 13 days. It was the record and not OP. It often happens for people who don’t realizing it. It’S far from glamoury Ivan you’re out there covering it and she’s. Where is this cold riverbed in Afghanistan, in the middle of the mach 10? She said: that’s it we’re just going to wash your hair right there in this cold River bed and and honestly I’ve, so many great memories of her covering this story, our troops covering the humanitarian side of the war in Afghanistan.

She did it all with such Brilliance and humor, and she was like a bit of a mother hen as well as she was always always watching out for younger journalists and for the troops and the underdog. She really was the champion of the underdog thinking about what a trailblazer female Sports reporters that she wasn’t allowed in any locker room, and there was a lot of people that didn’t want it covering Sports. She said that, in addition to helping you learn how to cover the court system – and that’s the thing about Christian it service is always it’s impossible to talk about her in the past tense, actually, but her versatility.

You know I’d be with her at Olympic since 2000, covering Olympics Oar in a war zone or in a quart in Toronto, and that one thing that is like this business Vision I have in my head always is that any major press conference who was sitting there Cross-Legged right in the front ready to fire off the toughest questions with smartest question. We all really follow her example, and I really would say I learned so much as a journalist, but also as a human being, because she was the toughest person. I always said right to her face.

I would never want to be on your beautiful. I didn’t agree. There is a lot of things we did not agree on, but it was never personal with Christy. It’S always the story and what’s the what’s right, for the story to convey the truth, and she is a person in this industry in this world. I would say I mean this is a woman who could write her way out of anything and then this comes along and get beat up so quickly. And when we talk about so strong and passionate in and I use the term fierce. But at the same time, kind and and giving wanting help so much mandatory, I’m also just the industry, but also the best parties in the city of Toronto were at forever.

She just always wanted to bring people together and and for her dear close friends who are all morning today, not willing to go on TV or on radio to talk about her. They are all morning. tragedy and so fast and so quick, and that was the saying I mean she didn’t want to go to the last time I wasn’t she was able to walk, was just a couple of weeks ago. She’D had the the hip surgery and she had a pain in leg Anna she’s walking through the hospital Barefoot it’ll. Just I think Christy. Can I get you a pair of slippers.

I don’t want slippers, I mean she just did what she wanted to do and she did it right till the end and we have lost so much. She was a beautiful soul and such a generous beautiful person, Pusher half what a big loss. Thank you very much for your thoughts today.
Chief News Anchor Lisa LaFlamme shares her memories of award-winning journalist Christie Blatchford who died of lung cancer at age 68.

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