A good and bad day for women: Finland vs Hollywood

By | December 10, 2019

A good and bad day for women: Finland vs Hollywood
A good and bad day for women: Finland vs Hollywood
Traffic on 500 kilometers of traffic around the cops was he was struggling to get in 25 hour of the the strike movement against pension reform published this morning advocating and it turns out, the 90 % of women and 72 % of men ended up with a pension. Reflects what French people a feeling? So that’s what I’m worried about Pacific government mentioned today text with the insurance world when he submitted a statement of Interest this weekend for pension reform and oversight, but a lot of people turn off government. We have a leader of the French Communist Party, Fabian National secretary and pension fund, and not your phone as it tries to deliver this trip lyrics parties which their willing to sacrifice The Finnish Parliament. Women now make up 47 % of Parliament, and so it’s it’s. It is it’s new prime minister Santa Maria said she has two moms she’s, so sweet. Bye to same-sex parents, but they have provided the support of her party members just got to the precursor to the Oscars in at the Golden Globes male nominees people food would be Appearing including women and decisions he cools a mouse on that he said they will schnapps daytime says it’s says throughout its 75-year history, women, I’ve seen the Golden Globes and yes about the selection committee to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association felt that with media, which was taking A short break then go ahead. Is France, 24
The French government’s week hasn’t started well, with the revelation that The High Commissioner for Pensions, Jean-Paul Delevoye, has undeclared interests in the insurance world, stoking anger amongst an already disgruntled French public striking over pension reform.Elsewhere, women are in the spotlight, with Finland set to swear in 34-year old Sanna Marin as Prime Minister. She will head up a government of five parties all led by women. There has been less progress in Hollywood however – where women have once again been left out of the Golden Globes’ best director nominations…

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