49ers vs. Chiefs | Super Bowl LIV Game Highlights

By | February 14, 2020

49ers vs. Chiefs | Super Bowl LIV Game Highlights
49ers vs. Chiefs | Super Bowl LIV Game Highlights
Here’S a little tot to Deebo Samuel over the right side, pain play still going turn in a ball game. Here’S another time to Samuel looks like he wants to throw instead of just pick it up with his legs are down at 5 good protection for corrupt Damien. Wilson may have gotten a hand on it and belong to the 49ers. Kansas City went three-and-out. San Francisco got into field-goal range in the BET. Robbie Gould Tyreek Hill make some move, gets a couple of extra yards as he got away from Richard Sherman.

It proves the theory that you don’t have to be a great running team to play action game Morris County Morgue inside the 30. Where is Sherman, makes the stopping again 15 free play turn 11 Mahomes will try to run and get it Paul gets knocked out. Holmes had the first has hit and it was a big hit right on the football he lost the first down yardage. So it’s fourth down and one in Troy, after initially sending Harrison butker out to try the field goal, Andy Reid’s, going to go a shift in a direct snap, its Williams, he is short of the touchdown – put a first down Mahomes working from the 25, not trailing By four 49ers brawl with Garoppolo in finding a hole in his defense, Garoppolo, Kansas City, Mahomes II, 33rd down and poor Mahomes over the Middle Passage.

Paul is out there going to call Watkins down too short of the person down Williams on the pitch first down on third down past broken up and we’ll play by the 49er, but no issue for Dustin Colquitt to get it down and on it’s in going to Play. Samuel another big run by the rookie and they got the bumper in the lineup. Now, with kennel at fullback quick-snap hand off the Coleman Garoppolo kick throws good cat Samuel, Purcell Garoppolo play action, passes caught, you check pretty sore Mahomes.

Damien Williams makes the move and then out-of-town MVP in his first 16ft. The starter II lead this team. All the way to the Superbowl buy Hill left alone goes backward and gets about 10 hunger. Brother Britain has won with Denver back in 2015 and his dad Craig 1/2 or the Steelers in the 70s. That is into the endzone down in 5 for San Francisco. Are they able to get anything done here and a 10 10 game before the break Garoppolo Skyline kennel size they might get kennel Joe? It looked to me like he don’t got to push that’s what they’re indicating 3/8 the separation at the top of this route.

He’S working against Daniel Sorensen right at the house, 2nd down and five play-action wide open path caught here, Samuel again third time, we’ve seen a on the sidelines would have been picked up for another first down 2nd down and Stephen Garoppolo, who has a touchdown 49ers Super 3 on third Downs is caught by Coleman, sure the first down and now three-for-three out of his hands. looking for somewhere to go and he finds his man Watkins Sammy Watkins takes it up to the 2936 Mahomes. I want to go home and pans out of the hands of Mahomes and a loss of soft shell covers now they’re down in 12 mile Home Fires Cast Tech Warner got it for San Francisco Roseanne complaints for Samuel the home run.

When is Kendrick Bourne. If he had to speak, probably hit his head on the goalposts Garoppolo, can you check it to pick play off of it and off here it’s most urgent? He is in for the touchdown turn down at 5, my home take my post that gets away 4. What is close to first down yardage and they’ve, given it to him first down Kansas City on the Run by Patrick Mall volume, coming with a blind pass him caught by Kelsea spins, and then me his giving up. The first Mahomes keeps steps Thrones to Williams.

Out of the backfield tackle Miss what a catch-and-run come up with a negative play against this often Live Crew turned it into a pic as he broke. A couple of tackles 49ers of Tyreek Hill and into the arms of tarvarius, Moore, Garoppolo, pink pass, is caught on a sliding grab. Garoppolo is going to be forced out and then she’ll. To pounds 2nd and 15 Mahomes depth into it. Pass is caught by hill during the break they overturn to call the two successful challenge by Kyle Shanahan, because of that the ball on the ground.

No clean catch made some Mahomes lonches down the middle Hill, open he’s a big play 101 at the bottom has floated and John and incomplete for the flag. Look up across the board 1 in into various Maury Phim, never turns around and tries to make a play on the ball. That’S I’m a little surprised by that song. Open TouchDown, Chelsey kiester back in it, looks like they may bring it from over. Here. Third-Down Garoppolo play. I got Tyreek Hill right now on Richard Sherman, with no help pressure, Mahomes gets away, passes caught first down 2nd and 7th Williams out of bounds.

Where’S the ball before that happened in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Here each got it across the goal line, but it look like that right foot in might have been out. Here’S another look after reviewing the play. The ruling on the field stands with all three of their timeouts. Already out to the 32 securing the 6th Super Bowl win for San Francisco and he is out of bounds near Midfield Garoppolo Erica. Sanders downfield is overthrown like locking. Is they going to let the play Go, incomplete, obviously not Williams, but how many players have come and gone three players, great coaches for The Chief’s that have not been able to taste this moment will end this game under a minute ago.

The San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

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