14 more Americans test positive for coronavirus

By | February 17, 2020

14 more Americans test positive for coronavirus
14 more Americans test positive for coronavirus
Begin with that, breaking news, those coronavirus, evacuation flights landing at 2 Air Force bases here in the US this morning, hearing hundreds of Americans who were quarantined on that Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, and we know at least 14 people who flew planes are battling coronavirus. An additional two-week quarantine, I’ve been growing fears about the virus spreading across the globe. So far there have been more than 71,000 cases and 1700 test and Marcus Morris Lackland Air Force Base in Texas or one of those flight just landed good morning, Marcus Robin good morning.

It is the latest development and the response to this fast-moving outright that jet Landing here in San Antonio this morning, and those evacuated Americans, when I say, is special isolation facilities here on base 300 passengers from The Diamond Princess cruise ship back on us soil this morning. Arriving at military Air Force bases in both California and Texas overnight and he’s still in Japan. This is what it look like when passengers first boarded flight crew members in full hazmat suit, giving a PreFlight safety announcement.

Meanwhile, passengers who stayed on the Diamond Princess are now slated to face another two American Matthew Smith says that’s fine with him. We were confident in the quarantine that the Japanese officials have established and are following through on. We were upset that the u. s. plans involve breaking this quarantine. At least 450 four cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed on board the largest confine cluster outside mainland China. This as fears Mount over a new coronavirus on another cruise ship in Cambodia, 83 year old American passenger of the luxury cruise ship by the time they’re done with their isolation, they will have been in quarantine for about a month.

This is Health officials tried to prevent a global pandemic, Robin poke Marcus where to bring it ABC News: chief, medical correspondent, dr. Jennifer Ashton, at let’s start with a cruise ship in Cambodia that one passenger getting off testing positive yeah. You know Robin. I think it’s important here not to get bogged down in one number. One number one we’re talking about millions and millions of people in cases and the end riskier. This might be the tip of the iceberg phenomenon. We really need to know how many people are in how many people are infected and how many people are sick and of the number sick.

In this case, one remember tip of the iceberg. So again, that’s it’s just this is just an evolving situation. People wake up to this headline every morning and there was concern to a lot of people with known infection into the u. s. . That’S a judgment call about risk. Vs benefit risk sing on that ship versus benefits of being here in the us, where we know how to isolate and contact race and again, that is the key to controlling this outbreak erection. The news YouTube channel you’d like to get more video, show, highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News at 4.

The Americans were evacuated from a cruise ship quarantined at sea in Japan.

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