1,100+ former prosecutors and other DOJ officials call on Attorney General Barr to resign

By | February 17, 2020

1,100+ former prosecutors and other DOJ officials call on Attorney General Barr to resign
1,100+ former prosecutors and other DOJ officials call on Attorney General Barr to resign
Are we falling breaking news now? More than 1,100 former justice department, prosecutors and other doj officials are calling on Attorney General, William Barr, to resign. The stunning development is in response to Barr’s controversial, to ask for shorter prison sentence of Rodger Stone, a longtime Trump advisor. The officials who served in both Republican and Democratic administrations signed and released a rare statement today, demanding bar step down as nation’s top law enforcement. Official David portal is a CNN Crime & Justice from producer and Tallulah.

Luna is a White House reporter for the Washington Post and a CNN political analyst, a good to see both of you again yeah. What more details about this statement? More than 1,100 former Justice Department officials were signing on to this bipartisan and sharply worded letter that cause Attorney General, William Bareilles Rave threat to the administration of fair Justice and ask for his resignation. I’Ll read you a bit more from the letter these former officials right that the president’s public comments on justice department matters have Gravely damaged the Department’s credibility, but Mister bars.

Action in doing the president’s personal bidding, unfortunately speak louder than his words. Those actions in the damage they have done to the Justice Department’s reputation for integrity in the rule of law require Mister Barr to resign Fred. This letter really capping one most tumultuous weeks in recent justice department, history, beginning on Tuesday, when Attorney General, William Barr and other senior leaders from the justice department engaged in this extraordinary public dispute with career attorneys, who had recommended a stiff punishment for Rod, Stone the longtime Friend of President Donald Trump, who was convicted last year of lying to Congress and witness tampering on Wednesday bar attempting to diffuse the growing crisis.

A bit in an interview with ABC News, in which he said that the decision to soften sentencing, request on Stone was made. Without consultation from the White House, it was the Justice Department’s decision bar said. He also, though, added this rare rebuke. This criticism of President Donald Trump bar telling ABC news that the president’s tweets is online commentary about the justice department, make his job impossible to do Fred. We got a bit of a response from the White House to those criticisms this morning. Take a listen to Mark short, the Vice President Chief of Staff interview on CNN.

I don’t think that it’s impossible to the job. In fact, I think that attorney John Tavares doing a great job with because lot of confidence inside the White House. I think that the the presents frustrations wanted. A lot of Americans have what feels like the scales of Justice or not balancing more. There has been a bias was inside the Department of Justice that did a tornado. Far is trying to correct. I think they did. He is said that the present is not called him directly to say: please do they think he’s acted independently to do it to initiate these review and I think, he’s doing a fantastic job with it and there again is Mark short, the vice president’s chief of staff On CNN State of the Union, with our Dana Bash Mark short standing by the Attorney General there, but there are more than 1,100 former Justice Department officials who came down very different conclusion, calling for bars resignation in that letter.

This morning, Fred, we should know to justice department, spokesman, declined to comment on the letter and still has the support of the president impact. Might this statement have on Trump and any more plans that he may have on influencing cases actual letter from 1100 former Justice Department officials will actually impact President Trump himself. He seems to think of anyone who served in government Boreanaz members of the deep State and he seemed to disregard anyone from a previous administration, but it does add to the questions surrounding bar in surrounding the justice department.

Part of this letter would not only address to bar, but also address to other current officials with Injustice 2 telling them that if bar interferes with your work, you should take steps to protect your your oath of office, whether that means resigning with that means, speaking out Publicly, whether I means pushing back against bar these former officials, who are former colleagues, the current officials who are still in government, were encouraging their former colleagues to stand up for justice and not allow political interference, which many people believe the President Trump by tweeting out.

His opinion about the stone case and having bar in other a fish reverse the the previous. I got sentencing guidelines that is a pure clear instance of political interference in the justice department, and there is a sense that the Justice Department officials under bar arlook, four ways to speak out and we’re looking for ways to push back against that, including the four who Resigned earlier this week are any of these other members. Existing members of the Department of Justice can feel like they can. They can protest or Express their dissatisfaction if that’s indeed the case, with the AG make filings.

That are a lot of these findings of public and they can push back against anything that looks like political interference in their filing so that when the public reads them, they can be sure that there’s not any political interference. We are reporters who get from within the justice department. Some of these officials can speak to the press to get what’s happening inside the justice department if they feel that it’s not on the up-and-up, if they want that information to come out publicly that something that has happened in the past as well.

If there is a sense of rebellion within the justice department for people who believe that what President Trump has done and what attorney general Barr, as as that have done, is not on the up-and-up is not at how the Justice Department is supposed to run. If they listen to so former colleagues 1,100 people who spoke out in this letter, then they would be willing to speak out as well.
More than 1,110 former Justice Department officials who served in Republican as well as Democratic administrations posted a statement calling on Attorney General Bill Barr to resign. #CNN #News

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