10 Day trend – Storm Dennis, then what? 12/02/20

By | February 14, 2020

10 Day trend – Storm Dennis, then what? 12/02/20
10 Day trend – Storm Dennis, then what? 12/02/20
Welcome to the Met Office 10-day train, the volatile boisterous British weather continues, for the time being and of the next 10 days. Little sign of a significant factor in conditions they’ll be more Wind and Rain, with a particular Focus, I’m still in tennis through Saturday to Monday. Then it turns less to me next week, but they’ll still be unsettled. Weather around number of low pressure system is lined up to arrive over the next few days. There’S one here to come in at 4 Thursday, when he is coming on Friday.

Those are not Stone. Dennis some Genesis: 13, the cube still just a tiny, small-scale feature forming off the coast of the US on Wednesday Focus immediate Sam is this low, which moves in on Wednesday nights and pushes into games and very cold is 2 12 degrees possible across Northern Scotland. Bringing the rest of the country, Wind and Rain goes around southern and western coast, blustery showers and it’s the rain pushes didn’t to Southern Scotland, Northern England, Northern Ireland first thing: there’s a risk of snow over The High Ground for tickly two parts of Southern film.

The few centimeters construction. The uses the way bright for Northern Scotland, Northern Ireland eventually cold in Graford, Southern Scotland, Northeast England, especially around science, Western districts, child in the size, 10 or 11 Celsius fast forward to Friday, cold bright, stop for money for the last long turn. Cloudy through the day, Wind and Rain return to Northwestern and eventually western parts of the country, this is a rain event. Risk of flooding Over The High Ground of Southern Scotland in particular because of the Ryan faland, some snow melt.

So it turns on 2nd from the west through Friday. As I say, this is the second area of low pressure and it still northstone dentist that moves through bringing some rain to Southern pots. The countries we end the working week by the stage still Dennis developing quite significantly powered Along by a very strong. That’S when you can see the dark, colors StraightLine Jetstream firing it Foods. The UK into a particularly deep area of low pressure points are in 950 ml, which isn’t too signy Coleman in the Atlantic and Saturday into Sunday, Stone tennis still to the north of the UK and three lights to Sunday into Monday, Saint, Denis hanging around like a Bad smell and it’s still with us as we start next week, because I still pass through Saturday, Sunday Monday bringing strong winds for 3 days, if not slightly longer.

So let’s look at the winds. There are some differences when you can pass them Dennis this weekend, wisdom Kira last weekend. The winds will still be strong widely across the country. As we start off the weekend, weather warning supposed to England miles is Southern Scotland, who has the winds, will be strongest during Saturday risk of gasoline under 50 miles an hour 70 miles an hour glucose disruption Norristown of last weekend. So don’t expect an exact repeat of last weekend across England and Wales night through Sunday, or attention lots of Northwest Scotland into Northern wind warning, because I thought about that.

To swing around and approach from the Northwest states and into Monday. Ohio tiny light spots will be a small-scale low pressure systems that developed as well to bring an even strongest way. The winds in two pots of say the sentence about to Scotland Elsa the winds beginning to eat windy for 3 Days risk risk of Destruction, but the rain is of particular concern is well with storm heaviest rain, be over Western Hills. Some left up there with blustery showers for northern areas through Saturday night, but by Sunday another swathe of heavy rainfall, Western Scotland West about siblings, as well as well as the wettest weather, will be falling on the saturated Grand 14 Mills, widely 18 + Over The High Ground risk of flooding because of the persistent and heaviness that rifle Saturday through Sunday so wet and windy weekend multitude of things going on with the weather.

It’S not going to be a repeat of Destruction is likely due to the winds and, of course, that risk of flooding, Eddie signs with weather settling down moves away middle of next week. High pressure starts to rich in from the sides, but only slightly. It would still like to see these showers Wednesday in the stone Sister’s Day special across Western areas with snow, the hills, so some sunshine, some dry weather for time middle of next week. But another load appears by the end of next week to bring yet more writing today is 7 to 10, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then yet more wind and rain, but it looks like when they arrived end of next week.

It’S probably won’t be white. I stole me as Kira or as Dennis so the unsettled weather continues, but hopefully a letter penzi destructive conditions through next week.
Storm Dennis hits the UK this weekend, bringing several days of wind and rain to much of the UK. How much longer can it stay unsettled? Met Office Meteorologist Aidan McGivern has the 10 Day Trend.

The forecast and any weather warnings within this video are accurate at time of recording.

To ensure you have the most up to date weather information, check the forecast on www.metoffice.gov.uk or via the Met Office app.

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